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Eneida Elizabeth

MS Counseling, Life Coach 
New York, United States

Coaching with me


What you will get out of coaching:
- You will see how your well-being is just as important as your child.
- Learn to honor your feelings as they arise each day and practice self-care as a way to honor everything about yourself.
- You will eliminate the negative beliefs that are holding you back and start seeing yourself as doing more, enjoying more and being more.
- You will build yourself up and cope better with stress, frustration, and self-doubts
- You will enhance your sense of self-worth.
- Learn how to create more happiness, motivation and confidence in your life.
- We will address the process of creating lasting change including identifying what you truly want.
- We will create a concrete action plan.


What can you expect from me as a coach?
I will display unconditional positive regard for you. I will guide you and support you on your path. I ensure all our interactions are respectful and nonjudgemental. You will feel safe to be who you truly are at your core. The aim of our sessions will be to encourage you to get closer to yourself at a soul level.



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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MA Counseling
  • BA Psychology

I am a life coach for moms who are struggling to rediscover and connect with their true self. Often times we tend to lose ourselves in the role of mom. We think that in order to be a great mom we must ignore our needs and identity. This is exactly how I thought a few years ago. I slowly began to forget the woman I once was before my son. After facing my own challenges and struggles I have achieved a greater sense of balance between being a mom and being me. I now feel that I live a life full of meaning and joy. I strive every single day to be a tiny bit better than I was the day before. Some days I am, and some days I struggle, but I never stop trying. What comes next for you is your own personal journey. As moms, we need to support and help each other. It would be an honor to embark this journey with you.


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