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Erica L Angell

RMT trained Life Coach 
Iowa City, Iowa, United States
Over 27 years of healing, spiritual and pastoral counseling ready to serve any area of your life
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About me

Taking greatest joy in helping others, E.K. Angell has a multitude of modalities under her belt with over 27 years of various coaching, spiritual, pastoral and life counseling. There is no challenge, goal or personal achievement that can't be achieved within the coach/client relationship. E.K. Angell looks forward to helping you achieve your own greatest success. Offering everything from personal mentoring to personal, family and business coaching in packages from single session brainstorming to 3, 6, 9 and 12 month programs, E.K. Angell is uniquely qualified to assisting you no matter the goal or need! The first consultation session is always free.

Coaching with me

My greatest joy and satisfaction comes from the ability to assist my clients in creating their own greatest personal success, no matter the goal, challenge or strategies needed to manifest it. As my current clients will attest, I have an extremely high success rate and look forward to applying my breadth of experience to those things that seem insurmountable to my clients when they first arrive on my doorstep. I have assisted children, teens and adults of all ages. Let's see what we can create in your life!
I enjoy coaching in a variety of structures. From face to face in person meetings to phone and online coaching options, we can find the style that works best for you. My main goal is helping you achieve your greatest success and that means your comfort zone is paramount. In your first free consultation, we can discuss precisely the format that will fit your busy life best.


All coaching sessions are private unless the client requests a couples or family group setting. The size of the package can easily be tailored to your particular needs, from single session strategic brainstorming to months long support, we can discover together what your needs and goals are and how to achieve them.
Sessions online are easy to accomplish if you are not local to me. I have had clients all over the world and look forward to exchanging information so we can get started finding out what your goals are and creating the style of package that fits those unique needs the best.
Short courses or group coaching
E.K. Angell offers several short courses and seminars or group coaching programs for either personal or business groups. Please contact for more information about what we can create for your group needs.
Ongoing training
For those long term goals and needs, E.K. Angell is always open to welcoming clients for any length of time necessary. Some of her clients have been with her for five years or more, achieving goals and clarifying needs as they arise, creating step by step by step your own greatest personal success that is your life.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Reiki
  • Bachelors - Business Management
  • RMT Strategic Intervention Training
  • Touch for Health
  • Holistic Healing - Shamanism
I have had the joy of assisting clients create their own greatest successes for 27 years of experience. I have been in a broad variety of apprenticeships and continue my education daily to expand even further my abilities and tools to help others. With a passion for helping those that feel helpless find strengths they never suspected, such as Veterans with readjustment issues after combat to women and children that come from abusive backgrounds to those suffering from a variety of addictive issues in their lives, I have found my deepest happiness in seeing my clients succeed.

Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $4997 USD

Single session to large group based seminars, personal goals to business achievements, E. K. Angell is here to assist you with all your coaching needs.


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