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Erica Morrison

Certified Professional Life Coach 
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Discover and unleash your passions, personality, and the possiblities to live a fruitful life!
Life coach Parenting coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $50 USD to $300 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I love helping people discover the unique people they are and inspire them to make a difference in their own lives, and that of their families, communities, and the world!

My coaching specialities include three areas: personal growth--whether that be in physical health, emotional health, or spiritual health; career exploration--helping people discover what they'd be best at in the work world (through discovering more about their personality, strengths, and preferences); and parenting--helping parents discover more about their own personalities and how that impacts their strengths and weaknesses in parenting, and discover their children's personalities and love languages and how they as parents can best meet their children's needs.

I help my clients discover new things about themselves and their loved ones, and encourage them as they set goals. I then gently hold them accountable to these goals and help them process how things went and what could be adjusted.

Coaching with me

Life Coaching--increased awareness of your personality type, values, priorities, and strengths (especially should you choose to do certain assessments); increased confidence and progress in your personal growth goals.

Parenting Coaching--increased awareness in your parenting strengths and weaknesses and your needs as a person; increased awareness of your children's personality types, strengths, weaknesses and needs; you'll make progress in thinking of ideas to meet those needs as well as in implementing them

Career Exploration'Legacy coaching--I'll help you explore your strengths, personality type and preferences and your dreams and goals for your life/career. I'll help you think of ideas and make progress towards finding an ideal career or leaving a legacy for the people you want to impact.
You will receive an intake form to fill out which will help me get to know you better. As part of my packages, you'll often do a few assessments, such as a DISC personality assessment and a values worksheet.

For each session or e-mail exchange (depending on whether you choose phone/Skype or e-mail coaching), you'll prepare by thinking about/responding in writing to some questions ahead of time and/or doing an assessment. You'll also fill out a short pre-coaching form so I can see how your goals have been coming along since our previous sessions, as well as what your priority is for our next session. You'll also fill out a short post-coaching form to help you process what you learned and motivate you to complete your goals.

I like to help my coachees get awareness of themselves and their situation, express what their hopes are for themselves and that situation, and then think of how to get there. I help me coachees make realistic goals for themselves and encourage them and hold them gently accountable as they seek to implement them. We'll then reflect next session how things went and what could be adjusted before moving on to a new topic or deeper into the previous one.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I offer phone/Skype or e-mail sessions and packages:
My packages include:
Flourish! Choose your own topic(s)
Your Family Has Personality
Career Exploration
Work-at-Home Mom Exploration
Bloom in Confidence
Live Your Best Life/Legacy

All packages are 6 sessions each, except for "Flourish! Choose your own Topic(s) which is 4 sessions long.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Professional Life Coach
I majored in sociology in university, which I loved, since I love working with and learning about people of other cultures, and years later became an ESL teacher, and ended up teaching in a high school. I enjoyed a lot about teaching/tutoring ESL, but I knew that I wanted to help people with more than just learning English. I also wanted a job in which I could stay at home with my son and not be so busy all the time.
I then became a Certified Professional Life Coach with the Christian Coaching Institute. Life coaching is such a dream job for me--letting me help people see the possibilities in their lives and use their gifts to make their world a better place. My faith as a Christian is very important to me, but I am happy to coach anyone, no matter what their beliefs, helping them to become people who better align their lives with their own values and priorities.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $300 USD

Sessions as part of my packages are $50 each. Most packages include six sessions--$300 total, except for the 'Flourish! Choose your own Topic(s)" package which includes four sessions and is $200 total.

Individual sessions--maybe you want a "try out" or you want to address a topic just once after you've already done a package with me. These sessions are $65 each.

Before coaching with me, you will always have a free 20-minute Discovery Session so we can decide if coaching with me is for you and you can ask any questions you have.


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