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Erika Briones

B.A. in Education from SDSU 
Los Angeles, California, United States
Coaching with the elements of fitness, spirituality, and the elephant in the room being sex/intimacy

About me

Before Founding her company, SexySoulMatrix, and being the joyful woman you see on the main website, Erika, went through a major transformation before discovering her purpose of life coaching. Graduated from San Diego State University, she was always fascinated by human development. Receiving her degree in Child and Family Development, became one of her introductions to love of personal development. The biggest obstacle for several years after was suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sexual abuse trauma and truly not knowing her life’s path.After moving to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in film production, she felt more incomplete and unfulfilled than confident. Eventually she discovered several teachings and mentors. After discovering her Ziva meditation teacher, Emily Fletcher, she started to feel more inner peace. That eventually lead to taking a course from her other mentor Gabriel Bernstein, “Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level I”. This is the class that not only lead to breakthrough inner healing, but the inspiration to contribute to other’s life in personal healing with the elements of fitness, spirituality, and sexuality/ intimacy coaching.
The future of Erika and SexySoulMatrix, is not only to coach many individuals on their road to personal healing and living a spectacular life, but eventually work for MindValley. In addition, SexySoulMatrix, is a fairly new company and planning to seek investors to only facilitate the best personal development tools on his or her journey to bliss. Bliss in a nutshell relates to our mission motto: “movement, self-improvement will cause self-amusement.”

Coaching with me

My intention and my goal is to work with clients who want healing from dating or sex trauma. Even though I have my college degree, my passion for helping others is because I have experienced trauma myself. After continuing my education with other modalities and healers I'm confident that I can also help others with similar trauma. Whether it's stress of work, relationship, or daily hassles I'm confident that when you work with me you will reap the benefits in return.
My coaching style first begins with a conversation and depending on what you seek I will ask a series of questions to get you into the space of getting the answers. Also I teach a few spiritual elements like meditation or EFT. If one is in a relationship we might address the taboo subject or as I call it the elephant in the room of sex/ intimacy. Again it's case by case scenario, and in the end I love the feeling of someone smiling at the end of their coaching session with me.


I offer One to One sessions, Group Coaching, Online Courses and I can only offer face to face coaching to Los Angeles residence.
my intention and my goal is to teach tools from my Spirit Junkie masterclass from Gabriel Bernstein and other mentors to live from ordinary to extraordinary. My methods are based client to client.
Some techniques/ tools allow people to live:
-An extraordinary life outside the culture scape
-How to live outside of brules and inside the conversation of extraordinary
-Instant techniques to overcome stress, trauma, self-esteem
-How to date in the mileniul world with grace, charm, and confidence
Short courses or group coaching
Group courses depends on the intention such as communication, culture models, and problem-solving and a lot of techniques come from Evercoach
Ongoing training
Ongoing training depends case by case scenario

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Spirit Junkie Level 1 Masterclass
  • Bachelor's Degree from San Diego State University
  • Ziva meditation
  • Crisis Text Line support
  • Conscious Engineering
  • Evercoach
Let's start with my life experience. For over 5+ years I used to work as a dominatrix and Dakini. A Dakini is a someone who merges the elements of dance, Tantra, and other modalities with clients. I worked with the majority of men for years, and discovered they seeked connection, presence, and care. Now as I am focused on coaching, I now share everything from healing modalities, shadow work, and EFT. Also if you have any questions on turning up the heat in the bedroom or tools for communication, I got you there too.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1500 USD

Fees range from 100 to 1500 an hour


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