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Erika Jackson

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Engaging women who have been abused! Encouraging them to live free! Empowering them to succeed!
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About me

My role as your coach is to accompany you on your journey of self discovery, helping you uncover your authentic self, make sense of your life circumstances, and create a life of meaning that will bring you the utmost satisfaction. You would contact me if you are experiencing confusion about what to do next in your life.

At Turnaround Coaching, we provide life giving resources, life transforming presentations, life building coaching, and life empowering support to women who have been oppressed by abuse, inspiring them to be who they are, do what they are designed to do, and have what is theirs.

Coaching with me

We will help you emerge from the concrete of your current existence and breathe the fresh air of new life.

Our objective is to help you identify and clarify your Authentic Self. We help you move past survival into the kind of life that will bring you meaning and satisfaction.

Engaging Women
We engage women through several interactive avenues:
One-on-one coaching using Turnaround Coaching’s Individuation Model of Self Actualization™ and the Person Centered Growth Model™
Group coaching through the 12-week Survivor Life Groupâ„¢ program
Lunch & Learn workshops on healthy relationships
Bystander training for friends and family of abused persons
Individuation Classes
Health Relationship Encounters
Strategic Planning and Brainstorming sessions

Encouraging Women
Turnaround Coaching encourages women to create a life for themselves that does not include abuse. Often women find themselves returning to abusive relationships because of several factors, including fear they won’t make it alone, dissatisfaction with life outside the relationship, and lack of support. We encourage women to develop their self-esteem and create internal value, build a life that is worth living, and create a support system that will help them maintain that life of freedom.

Empowering Women
Through our life giving resource, we empower women to succeed being their authentic selves.
Audio and video resources
Books and ebooks
Planning and organizing tools
Online and email content
I believe in empowerment through collaboration. I partner with you to help you gain insight into yourself, others, and your world. Working together we help you create a vision and establish realistic action steps that will culminate in goal attainment. I will support your efforts, encourage you to move forward toward your goals, and celebrate your successes.

I like to educate, illuminate, and motivate so my clients can shape and cultivate their own experience.


Weekly coaching sessions conducted by telephone in the comfort of your own home. The initial session last almost an hour because it is the goal setting session. Subsequent sessions last 30 minutes and include a check-in on progress, action planning, and weekly pledge to act.
Ongoing training
Twelve week ICF accredited life coach certification program that teaches ICF core competencies along with business set up and marketing. Earn life coach credentials along with 3 niche certifications.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach Trainer
  • MA Counseling
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Member of International Institute of Coaching Studies
I am a counselor by degree (MA Counseling, Spring Arbor University) and a life coach by training and experience. My whole life has been dedicated to helping others make sense of what's going on with themselves and their lives. From giving advice to grade school friends to helping peers make good choices in high school to helping single moms learn marketable job skills, to coaching women who are struggling with life, I have many years of coaching experience.

I am a certified life coach training instructor and official International Institute of Coaching Studies trainer. I have successfully coached individuals with business startup and incubation, career change, weight loss, and publishing. I have effectively coached small businesses with human resources development, organizational management, leadership, and strategic growth. I am focused on helping women maximize their strengths, leverage their time, and achieve their best lives.

The work I do involves writing, speaking, coaching, and training. My speaking experiences include Advanced Communicator Silver recognition by Toastmasters International, lunch and learn seminars, online and live workshops and training events, community educator and crisis intervention training for EVE, Inc., and workshop presenting for the Michigan Head Start Association and District 62 of Toastmasters International.

Fee description

Fees: from $47 USD to $267 USD

Individual coaching sessions begin at $47 per hour. Coach training begins at $$30 per session on special. Non-special coach training begins at $267 per session.


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