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Coach Eva Unity Raposa
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Eva Unity Raposa

IWLC - Family Coach 
Raleigh , North Carolina, United States

Life Coach for moms in pursuit of their life purpose but who struggle with work/life balance.

Parenting coach Family coach

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About me

Hello fellow parents, I hope this message finds you well.  

In the event that things could be going better for you, I’d like to introduce myself.  

I am Eva Raposa, wife since 2004, mother of two (2008 girl and 2009 boy), Family/Parenting Coach and QiGong instructor.

It is my life’s purpose to improve the quality of life for families.  I feel this is the most impactful mission I can take on to help enlighten the world and raise its vibration.  

Growing up with loving influences creates balance, strength & confidence.  This is a recipe for wise choices and success. I believe the energy within us ripples out from our core and affects everything in our lives, so living a peaceful, productive and pleasurable family life is the foundation for the greatest future outcomes.  

I wish this outcome for you and your loved ones.  I will pull out all my tools to make it happen! 

If there is anyway I can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to contact me today. 


Love and Happiness,

Eva Raposa


Coaching with me


  1. Alignment with your authentic self for the long-term benefit of you and your children.

  2. With newly acquired tools and techniques, your work and home life will function more efficiently.

  3. With improved work/life balance, you will have time to relax and enjoy your family. 

  4. You will align with your purpose in life and feel great satisfaction as you move towards your goals and pursue your purpose.  

  5. After gaining empowerment, the whole family will communicate well with one another, as each member is now being seen, heard, and appreciated.


I am not coaching to tell you what to do and how to do it.  I am here to ask you the questions you need to answer to figure things out for yourself because you are the master of your life.

I will do an involved client intake session (or two) up front, to get a clear idea of who you are and where you are coming from.   After that, you take the stage.  You come to me with the biggest issues you are dealing with at that time.  I will listen and bring up the questions that I intuitively receive.  You can answer them however you feel fit, even if you choose not to answer them it is entirely your choice. 

By the end of the session, we will have updated information that we can apply to the Action Coaching Graph.  This will guide you through to the next session, with steps to take that will bring you closer to your goal.   


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


  1. The Family First Project - 1 hour. (Free Introduction)

In this two-way interview we will identify your most pressing issue while seeing how well we work together. If you are a good match for my services I will share which opportunites you could sign up for, if you feel so inclined. 

Price - Free


2.   Parenting Packages - 6 Months (High support)

  • At least three 1 hr calls per month

  • Unlimited access to Eva through email/text

  • Individual touch base calls as needed

  • A subscription to the Positve Parenting Solutions course.

  • Guaranteed results that exceed your expectations!


Single Parent Family price $4,497

Whole Family price $ $6,897


3. Customized Support Package - 6 months. (Flexibility)

  • Up to 12 sessions at a pace that works for you. 

  • Unlimited access to Eva through email/text.

  • Guaranteed results that exceed your expectations!

Single Parent Family price $2,497

Whole Family price $3,597

Short courses or group coaching

1.  The QiGong for Total Health Plan 

Online course with optional Membership program for additional support. 

  • 5 Modules with an average of 8 easy lessons. 

  • Documents in each lessen to clarify the postures benefits and optimize outcomes. 

  • One course or membership may be shared with all members of a household.

  • Bonus material for additional health improvement. 

  • Membership program included in the first month. $37 per month thereafter.

  • In the mebership program there will be: 2 online meetings each month with Eva to review the postures, get questions answered, share accomplishments and motivate each other to keep the practice going.  Also, there is a Facebook group to connect with other members, ask questions, and get feedback from the members and from Eva. 

Course price:  $197

Monthly Membership price: $37



2. Transfomational Program for Parents

13 Weeks - Group program including:

  • A 277 page "Transform" workbook

  • Weekly online meetings for the Fast-Paced Program 

  • Biweekly online meetings for the Slow & Steady Program 

  • Group support via a private Facebook page

  • Personal touch base calls from Eva to help you on your journey

  • Access to Eva via email/text

  • Guaranteed results.

Individual price $697

Couples price $997

Join the Family First Project to receive a discount on this program! 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • 24 Posture Therapeutic QiGong Certified Instructor
  • Integrative Wellness & Life Coach Certification
  • Professional Diploma in Nutrition
  • Positive Parenting Solutions by Amy McCreedy
  • Devine Truth by AJ Miller and Mary Luck

I have childcare experience of 1 ectopic pregnancy and 2 full term pregnancies (2008 girl & 2009 boy), years of Lead Teacher work in daycare, and the completion of the Positive Parenting Course by Amy McCreedy.  

In addition to the certification in Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching, I have a Professional Degree in Nutrition, and a certification in Qigong (a slow-moving meditation, like Tai Chi.)  I also have a fondness for Feng Shui which helps set the environment up for success and flow.  

Personally, I was raised until age 8 in Colorado, where I was more in touch with nature than people.  This has left me with a calm mindset and the ability to connect intuitively.  However, I moved to the DC area from 3rd grade on.  This gave me the vast perspective of many ways of life and alternative perspectives.  I've since left the DC area and now live in Raleigh, NC.  This has been a great place to raise my children and it is home for me now.  I have done so much personal growth while here and I desire to help other moms find themselves, their desires, and purpose to pursue.   

So, to sum it up, I pull from many years of experience to help my clients in a wide variety of ways. 

Fee description

Fees: to $6897 USD

I start our trial session at no cost because we haven’t met yet and we both need a chance to see how well we work together before commiting to future sessions. 

There are two tiers to my fees.  When you take part in a group program there is much less needed of me, so I have greatly reduced my hourly rate on account of multiple people signing up for the group program.  In the event that not as many people sign up,  the client will get way more attention from me bringing a higher value to their purchase.  However when there is a full group the benefit to the client lies in the group support.  I’ve also included the $50 price for the workbook for each parent.

For the private coaching pakages, I’ve taken into account the time I will be puting into my clients family, I’ve also added the cost of the Positive Parenting Solutions course - which I find tremendous value in. 

Lastly, I will make a 10% donation of my profits yearly.  9% goes towards deserving families in need of financial assistance and  1% goes to my source of inspiration for taking this path.


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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Customized Support Package Latasha | July 01, 2021
    5 Star
    Life Changing Experience

    Working with Eva has helped me gain so much clarity and confidence. She helped me get on the path that aligns with who I am at the core. Her work with me has empowered me to implement and stick to changes in my life that I previously struggled to maintain. While supporting me every step of the way, she was still able to challenge my thinking in a manner that wasn’t off putting. Instead, it helped me gain perspective so I can then make the mindset shifts needed to overcome the barriers blocking me from the life I want. I will be forever grateful!


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