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Evan Carter

Serial Entrepreneur  
Seattle, Washington, United States

I can take a realistic look at where you are at in life or business, and help you reach your PRIME.

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FEES from $150 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

The "WHY" for me, is to teach, support and promote entrepreneurs so people can live their best lives. 

I am a serial entrepreneur that just recently had my business acquired by a larger media company. To get to that point you need to fail. A lot. But if you don't learn from those failures, then it is all for not. I am a guy who stays positive even when the bad news hits me from all directions. If you let the negativity take over, you will never reach your goals. 

You need to make hard decisions in your life. I used to avoid those decisions and let someone else (business partner etc...) make them for me. I was scared to fail, scared of what I didn't know and scared to be held accountable. I didn't want to let anyone down. 

Then I faced my fears. I studied tax and finance so I could be in charge of that portion of the business. I fired friends because they weren't performing up to the standard we needed them to. I took charge of my personal finace and looked at my bank account every day until I was spending less than I was making. 

These are simple things, but you need to change your mindset first. You need to be able to change your perspective and realize you need to change your habits.


If you don't take on what you are scared of, you will never grow. And honestly, once you learn about what you were scared of, it becomes a lot less intimidating.

I'm here to help you OWN your business and TAKE BACK your life!

Coaching with me


Truly OWN your business!


I've created a four phase plan to get you to your business prime as quickly as possible. 

Phase 1 - Business analysis: Understand where your business is REALLY at and know what success looks like to YOU.

Phase 2 - Build the foundation: Pinpointing goals, establishing REAL budgets, identifying ideal clinet base, developing sales process, managing cash flow and evaluating finances. 

Phase 3: Scale the operation: Set up Business INtelligence dahsboards, sales leads become automated, set up marketing conversion rates, continued training plan for employees, have a full understanding of the controls that run your business and raising capital (if needed).

Phase 4: PRIME or exit strategy: Opitmizing full processes, potential for major hires, company culture flourishing, mergers & acquisitions, exit strategy in progress.



I am an encouraging type of person and work best with people who thrive off of energy. I will motivate you to take on what you never thought you could take on and teach you how to OWN your business. 



One hour phone, Skype or in person sessions. 

Step 1: Get a realistic look of where you are at

Step 2: Face reality and set goals

Step 3: Build a roadmap 

Step 4: Adjust, overcome obstacles and repeat

Experience, Certifications and Training


I’m a business coach that wants to share the way I felt when I was in my early entrepreneurial stages. I can admit now that had no idea how things worked.

1. I was terrified because I didn’t really understand my financials. I didn’t have time because I was “actually running” the business. (an excuse we all make)
 2. I drank wine every night so I could fall asleep and not think about it.
 3. I spent 14-16 hours per day at the “office” and sometimes couldn’t remember what I accomplished.
 4. I let someone else set up the business entity, take care of the books and file the taxes because I was scared to learn it.
 5. I signed almost any contract someone put in front of me because I trusted people.
 6. I talked about making money but in the back of my head I really didn’t know how.
 7. I sold ad space on handshake deals and was surprised when they fell through.
 8. I always thought someone else would help make money for me.
 9. I heard people talking about a sales pipeline but thought I knew what I was doing by emailing random businesses. 
 10. I hired friends.
 11. I used Google Sheets instead of setting up real software systems. 
 12. Cash flow statement? Who needs that?! I have $10,000 in the bank!
 13. I tried to raise money from local acquaintances with no financials. (PRO TIP: If someone wants to give you money without seeing your financials, just know that they most likely will bring no business value to you, and are probably investing because they think its cool. They will probably get very angry when they realize they won’t make back their investment.)
 14. I thought $20,000 was a lot of money for a business.
 15. I would push “following up with a lead” until the next day to have a “you got a minute?” meeting that lasted 2 hours and had no action items.


This is how 95% of business owners feel. After overcoming my fears and realizing that what I was missing was the confidence to succeed. Now I have the confidence because I broke through the barriers and took the steps i needed to take to become successful. I have the gameplan, and the gameplan works. 

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $500 USD

$150 to $500 per hour depending on single person or large business. 


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