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Evan Carter

Serial Entrepreneur  
Seattle, Washington, United States

I can take a realistic look at where you are at in life or business, and help you reach your PRIME.

About me

I am a serial entrepreneur that just recently had my business acquired by a larger media company. To get to that point you need to fail. A lot. But if you don't learn from those failures, then it is all for not. I am a guy who stays positive even when the bad news hits me from all directions. If you let the negativity take over, you will never reach your goals. 

You need to make hard decisions in your life. I used to avoid those decisions and let someone else (business partner etc...) make them for me. I was scared to fail, scared of what I didn't know and scared to be held accountable. I didn't want to let anyone down. 

Then I faced my fears. I studied tax and finance so I could be in charge of that portion of the business. I fired friends because they weren't performing up to the standard we needed them to. I took charge of my personal finace and looked at my bank account every day until I was spending less than I was making. 

These are simple things, but you need to change your mindset first. You need to be able to change your perspective and realize you need to change your habits.


If you don't take on what you are scared of, you will never grow. And honestly, once you learn about what you were scared of, it becomes a lot less intimidating.

I'm here to help you OWN your business and TAKE BACK your life!



One hour phone, Skype or in person sessions. 

Step 1: Get a realistic look of where you are at

Step 2: Face reality and set goals

Step 3: Build a roadmap 

Step 4: Adjust, overcome obstacles and repeat

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $500 USD

$150 to $500 per hour depending on single person or large business. 


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