lifecoach $75 USD Frank Marquit Frank Marquit I come from a heart centered approach.I am a good listener and I have worked through many-issues
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Frank Marquit

Former C.E.O.,M.Ed,MA.,C.A.G.S.,NLP 
Coxsackie, New York, United States
I come from a heart centered approach.I am a good listener and I have worked through many-issues
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About me

To start ,I am a social person because I like people and see good in them.I come from a place from my own recovery.when I was younger,I went through a terrible adjustment period in my teens but survived it but I wish there had been people who I could have to talked to.I was suicidal and addicted to alcohol and pills.Sometimes all you need is someone to listen and care.I wish I could be in a position of not charging anything but I have to survive.with some hard work,adjusting to one another,working out issues,and most importantly loving that individual with out so many conditions.Sorry to say,we all have our own stuff to work out and your bringing that into the relationship which you need to be aware of it as much as possible.Personally,A loving relationship is the ultimate goal during your life time.You always have someone to talk to you pretty much unconditionally.Your not alone in the world.

I have a good understanding of addictions as well from my own past.

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Fees: from $35 USD to $75 USD

In person one on one is $50.00 to $85.00, was


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