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Galia Brahim

Life Coach & Spiritual Healer 
Pittsburg, California, United States
Women Empowerment Coach and Energy healer who specializes in Self-Mastery & Transformation
Life coach Motivational coach

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About me

I am a really deep and intuitive person and I take healing seriously. My life mission is to support and guide the collective consciousness ascension shift. I battled with my mental health for years, I survived childhood traumas, a suicidal attempt and tremendous suffering that I tried to make sense of until I met my soul purpose. I then left my hometown Paris to go to Australia to start my self-love and spiritual journey. I then traveled Asia taping into more remembrance and I even stayed in a Thai Buddhist Monastery in meditation for a while.

I have a deep connection with the divine that I see formless and the manifestation and the origin of all. My speciality is coaching and Energy healing/ chi mastery. I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and a Certified Life Coach. I work with women 1:1 helping them heal and master themselves. I offer Reiki Healing, Womb Healing, Breathwork and Chi cultivation sessions. I create a bridge between psychology and spirituality introducing deep methods to heal on a cellular level. Humans are multidimensional beings experiencing through many segments of life, including the mental, the physical, emotional and spiritual. This is how I approach healing. Our emotions, thoughts and memories carry frequencies that create our energetic body field. My healing sessions consist of working on your energetic field to release stored traumas that are preventing you from living your true potential. To cut the chords that are still connecting you to pain. In my healing sessions I help you tap into your divine blueprint through channeling divine healing energy.

Coaching with me


A Shifted Mindset 

-The ability to reparent yourself

-Emotional Intelligence

-Spiritual Growth

-Clarity and a developed intuition

-How to break free from limiting beliefs 

-How to rethink your life and have a more positive attitude towards life

-Being able to do Self-Healing treatments on yourself

-Tools and techniques to regulate your nervous system

-How to Heal from Intergenerational Traumas 

-How to Create Healthier habits and live a successful life 

-A supportive coach and life long friend who will keep you accountable



3 Months Coaching Program :  The Retrieval 

 I have designed this Coaching program for women warriors feeling called to learn to master themselves and merge with their shadow aspects. My work is unique and comes from a spiritual psychological approach. I am inspired by psychoanalysis and ancient spiritual practices such as shamanism, japanese reiki and yogic philosophy.



Our soul is a sacred essence that sustains the health and well-being of our physical, mental, emotional and etheric body. Traumatic and negative experiences can cause a fragmentation of our soul leaving us feel powerless and purposeless. The retrieval is a shamanic process to call our broken pieces back, to assemble them and experience the totality of our being. From this wholeness is born a profound sense of freedom. This process is what Carl Jung called individuation, when we integrate our shadow aspects and become self-realized. To realize thyself is to innerstand ourselves as infinite intelligence connected to the entire web of life through collective consciousness. From our collective consciousness is born the darker collective unconscious. To access our transcendental nature is to understand that our destructive patterns are inherited from this collective unconscious. Being unable to access our infinite magic as women is deeply connected to the darker collective unconscious that created, through religious stories and social norms, the Woman Pain Body. Many women have a love and hate relationship with their feminine energy because of social conditioning.

Our mothers and grandmothers suffered from this oppressive and repressive system. Unfortunately, they didn't have the tools or the dedication to work on themselves and heal their DNA. They gave birth through a womb that held negative imprints preventing them from feeling balanced sexually, emotionally and energetically. When we inherited their DNA, we did not only inherit their body defenses but also their emotional blueprint. All the deep wounds that were not healed by the generations of women before us were passed down through DNA and manifested a distorted hologram (energy field) for ourselves. We might not be fully aware of our feminine blocks but everything exists and pervades on a subtle level.


The Healing Journey
Every week, we meet for a 2 hours session for 12 weeks

Our journey together starts from getting to know each other and then define the agreements on how we will work together. We will make sure to understand your needs and expectations from the program before getting started.

Every session, I will help you identify the toxic and addictive behaviors you learnt throughout childhood to dissociate from them and create healthier patterns to live a more fulfilling life. I will help you recognize dysfunctional patterns that have led you to experience traumatic or negative experiences in your life. You will gain more awareness on how the cycles of trauma reproduce and notice when you experience a trauma response and act out of survival. By becoming aware of your trauma responses, on each session you will be taught techniques to manage them and bring your nervous system back to safety. From accepting and realizing emotional wounds and diving into a deep psychological process, you will be prepared now to be initiated to great spiritual practices to master yourself. You will be guided to find out your spiritual gifts to navigate tough times in your life. From the mental to the spiritual, you will connect the negative emotions felt in your body to the negative energetic imprints in your energy field responsible for the suffering. First, I will guide you to become aware of your life force and then your energetic centers to learn to move energy and transmute it.

First and foremost, I engage myself to always come from a place of deep respect and support your healing process. I will be a mentor and a support system that you can relay on and you will always feel free to ask for information and guidance on your path. For me creating a deep bond with my client is essential and I am rewarded to see them blossom and become the best version of themselves.


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1:1 Energy Healing Session(60 minutes) : $100 USD

This energy healing session is meant to restore your field to its original blueprint. I will work on your energetic field sending healing energy to help you free yourself from physical, emotional and mental blockages.

For 15 minutes, we will first address the negative subconscious patterns that are keeping you trapped and you will set your intention for the following healing session.

For 45 minutes, you will relax and enjoy a deep energy clearing session where I will go through your different energetic centers and focus on the different areas where you need the most healing. During our session, I will take you deep into your subconscious mind and ask you questions along the way to face and release painful childhood and past memories.

I will assist you with vibrational medicine emanating sacred sounds and utterances for a profound healing experience. These vibrations restore and harmonize your field allowing you to feel in alignment with the divine and your soul.

1:1 Womb Healing Session(90 minutes) : $150 USD

A shamanic sound journey and travel into your unconscious mind to help you release stored traumas. Our womb, sacral chakra is the world of our emotions and also the place where we give birth to new ideas and welcome the new and let go of the old.... it is a place of transformation and the gateway to spirit. What makes us feel fragmented and unable to connect with our feminine energy is this deep wounded feminine place. This is preventing us from truly experiencing divinity. This wounded feminine place is connected to our sexuality and all the distortions created from abuse. This is what women are holding on to, this collective suffering from timelines of severe abuse. So this healing session is destined to address this deep suffering and give you the tools to work with the wisdom of your womb and release and cut the ties connecting you with traumas.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher
  • Certified Life Coach

I am a Women Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher. I specialize in Self-Mastery/ Transformation, Trauma Healing and Awakened feminine teachings. I am the Author of Trauma Healing- The Spiritual Approach Guidebook. I battled with my mental health for years and attempted to take my own life at the age of 14 years old. Most of my life, I tried to make sense of my suffering and I found ways to cope through alchool, drugs, cigarrettes and sex. At 20 years old, I was sick and tired and I decided to deprogram completely from the heavy religious muslim background I was brought up in. I started researching and I fell in love with eastern philosophy and since then entered a devotional path. In 2017, I went through a great awakening and also experienced the darkest nights of my soul. I quit uni because I did not resonate anymore with pursuig my master degree in drama. I found myself stuck in my mother's apartment watching stupid series all night and waking up late. My relationship with my mother worsen and I couldn't keep living in the toxic environment where my traumas started. I knew I was born for a great purpose and managed to snap myself out of this destructive loop. I took a leap of faith and decided to move across the world to travel, from Paris to Australia to start to heal, love myself and deprogram from false beliefs I had about myself. I then traveled in Asia : Bali, Thailand, Nepal and India. I met my life partner Jess after 6 months of long distance relationship across the world in Nepal. Our meeting in person and relationship awakened deep ancient traumas that we learnt to accept and work through as a couple. India was a powerful portal for me as I started to acknowledge my wounded feminine energy and understood how the deeper healing needed to take place there. I stopped denying I was sexually taken advantage of as a child and started to heal even deeper sexually. I then worked in the mental health system in California offering transformational and spiritual tools to heal mental illness. I also observed the downfalls of the healthcare system keeping people prisoners of their label. I felt the call to then start my own practice as a life coach and teach what I learnt along the way and push women to master themselves and heal their feminine energy to channel great spiritual power. Since September 2020, I have been living in Mexico creating powerful spaces for my clients to heal.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $2500 USD

The hourly rate is only valid for healing sessions. From $100 USD to $150 USD.

Pack :

5h : $450 USD


For my coaching rate, I don't charge per hour but for the value of the transformation. Payment plans are available for no extra fees !


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