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Geanina Roman

Career coach 
South Croydon, England, United Kingdom
I offer a warm and intuitive approach to career transition coaching.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $50 USD to $250 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, my name is Geanina and my mission is to offer you the support you need to find a job that fulfils you.
I believe that a meaningful life is something everyone can achieve if they truly desire and persevere in their quest. My search for meaning has led me to move to a new country, start everything from scratch, change my career and dedicate my time to those things that light me up. My background is in broadcasting and translation, but I've always had a passion for helping people and for implementing personal development techniques. Currently I am using these techniques in my coaching to support other people too find meaning in their lives and careers.

Coaching with me

During our sessions I will help you:
- get clarity on your career strengths so that you regain your confidence;
- reconnect with your passions, creativity and purpose so that you know the right direction for you;
- start taking inspired action towards a meaningful job;
- break through emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck.
Before we start working together, I will send you a few questions regarding your current situation and goals. We will discuss your answers during our first clarity session, which is free of charge. This session focuses mostly on us getting to know each other and on setting in place a plan for our future sessions. My aim is to answer your questions and to understand how I can help you better. This is because I adjust my coaching style to your particular situation and challenges.
My overall approach to coaching is very gentle yet solution-oriented. I offer my clients a warm and non-judgemental space in which they feel understood and supported. My clients appreciate my insightfulness and my warmth.

This is what some of my previous clients have said about working with me:

"Geanina supported me in moving on when I was kind of stuck on my journey. She was a great help in crystallizing what my strengths and values are, making it clearer where I am heading to. I got new insights on this topics, learning to think of them in another way and connect them with each other which was extremely helpful . She is a great listener who is leading you basically asking insightful questions. I have now a much clearer picture of myself - and a lot to think of as well. Thank you very much again! I wish you all the best!"
Julia M.

"I like Geanina's patient and gentle approach and even though it's gentle she still pushes me forward. What I have found the most useful is that at each stage she has sought different techniques and tools to bring me to consider the different aspects of my problem. I am peaceful and reassured as she accompanies me through a hard decision making step. Geanina is an encouraging person and I feel as if I can do anything and everything is possible."
Rosamund B.

"Geanina is a fabulous coach! Not only is her energy calm and warm, but you can tell she's truly invested in YOU. She listens, listens, listens, and then all of a sudden gives an amazing nugget of information that makes you go, "Aha!" Be prepared to take lots of notes with her and finally find that clarity you're looking for!" - Jess M


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Before we start working together, we will have one clarity session which is free of charge.
My career coaching package includes 6 x 1 hour long sessions over the course of 3 months.
At the end of the three months you can request extra individual sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $250 USD


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