lifecoach $180 USD Gregory Cardoza Gregory Cardoza I work with medical professionals helping them live healthier and happier lives by living in balance
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Gregory Cardoza

I am an ICF trained Life Coach 
Bakersfield, California, United States
I work with medical professionals helping them live healthier and happier lives by living in balance

About me

Well lets see, who am I? I'm a guy who had a dream one day, a big dream. My dream began to come true with the opening of my martial arts school. I was no stranger to business or success. This was my second business I owned when I was in my twenties. I had a vision of it growing into a total wellness center. I wanted to have a place where my spiritual energy could flow freely as I helped others discover strength, inner-peace and wellness. This dream was short lived due to a devastating illness that changed my life. I'm proud to say I survived and through this I discovered a hidden gift I had. I had a gift of coaching people even before I knew what coaching meant. Being ETHICAL and DEPENDABLE has helped people feel safe and secure when they talk to me. I am the picture of KINDNESS, yes I know, that good guy, which makes me very approachable. When I was ill I discovered two of the most valuable qualities that make me so good at what I do. I really became more in tune to my sense of COMPASSION and OPTIMISM. I know what it feels like when everything seems so dark and lonely. That feeling you get when all is lost. I was told life is short and my life was possibly ending. That was years ago and I stand here now as an example of the wonderful possibilities life has for us. I look at thing in a different way than most people. When thing are crashing down I don't drop to my knees in frustration over the loss. I look at what is left and how can I rebuild and move forward. My eyes are always looking forward. I am a dreamer, I am a motivator, I am a living success.

Coaching with me

I help clients find their direction. We clear the mind and focus on the positive. we find ways around the barriers holding us back. Once we do this we can step forward and begin to dream. Dream an amazing dream and begin to live it.
I like to coach through friendship. Lets sit down and have an open non judgmental discussion. I want you to feel as relaxed as possible. Let all guards come down and express everything you feel. As you let go wonderful things start to happen. You might be surprised at the feelings your having or at the words your saying. If you give yourself fully to the coaching process you can accomplish amazing results.


I find it more rewarding to coach face to face. I can coach clients in my studio or at other agreed upon locations. If I travel to meet a client there will be extra charges to cover all travel expenses.
I love being to coach online because it allows me to reach clients from all over the world. We can set up our sessions to take place by phone or by Skype.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $180 USD

I normally charge $180.00 for 40 minute sessions.
Discount specials occasionally for $120.00 per 40 minute session.
I have $75.00 for 20 minute focus sessions.

Extra charges may apply for face to face coaching if travailing is required.


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