lifecoach $6000 USD Guy Reichard Guy Reichard Helping people dissolve the limits holding them back from unlimited possibilities.
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Guy Reichard

Executive Life Coach Toronto | MBA 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Helping people dissolve the limits holding them back from unlimited possibilities.
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FEES from $600 USD to $6000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

By focusing on their unique strengths and natural talents, Guy helps his coaching partners deepen their levels of self trust and amplify the courage they need to be authentic and live life in alignment and harmony with their deepest values. The result is a feeling of freedom, confident ease, and being in flow more of the time, reducing stress, worry and anxiety that comes from living out-of-alignment for most of their lives.

Whether the client chooses to focus on improving their life, balancing work and life priorities, finding their purpose or they want to be more effective and influential leaders, the coaching process is relatively the same. Coaching is always customized in real time for each client based on a Inquiry-Reflection model that helps people become more self aware, more open to see from new perspectives and more confident in making choices and decisions in their lives (or businesses) that they've been hesitant to make until now.

What holds so many people back from creating the life of their dreams is fear and an underlying matrix of limiting beliefs that hold them back from being who they truly are. Once they become aware that being their true, authentic selves is easier and more fulfilling, they can more easily continue making choices that will empower them now and in the future. Mindfulness, meditation, resilience training, stress management, self regulation are also taught to interested clients wanting to cultivate more inner peace, presence, confidence, & fulfillment.

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Please visit the website for current programs and packages. A variety of custom approaches can be tailored to your needs. From developing self awareness and inner peace, to finding your purpose and authentic path, to cultivating resilience and confidence, to leading with heart, to managing emotions and stress, each coaching journey starts with self discovery, getting clear about values and goals, identifying obstacles & limiting beliefs and patterns, then crafting a personal action plan and pathway to success.


In person coaching and online coaching are virtually the same,

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching is only offered for resilience training and values development.

Ongoing training

Some coaching partners complete their initial coaching journey (e.g. 6 months) and others continue as needed for years as they find the relationship and process adds immense value to their lives.

Fee description

Fees: from $600 USD to $6000 USD

Short resilience training programs are $600+tax.

6 Months of Coaching is approximately $3000+tax.

9 Months of Executive Coaching is approximately $6000+tax.

New clients must enroll in a 'program/journey/package' and cannot go session by session. Clients who've completed a program are entitled to books sessions as needed.


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