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Harmony Major

Tampa, Florida, United States
I help 30+ impactpreneurs 2X work performance to reach their Big Goal in 4-6 months, without burnout
Performance coach Entrepreneur Stress Management Coach

FEES from $1100 USD to $6500 USD for coaching packages. more...

About me

With no connections, no formal education, no funding, and $500 in credit ... how could a college sophomore bootstrap a marketing company that out-earned graduates and industry “gurus” in 11 months? 

That’s exactly what one 19-year-old did. And she’s been going strong ever since.

Meet Harmony Major, a Root-Cause Performance & Wellness Strategist for tough, 30-plus entrepreneurs who want to crush the "Big Goal" without work taking over their lives. She helps them stop performance anxiety at its root, then decide where to focus resources for faster, more consistent growth.

As a multi-certified coach, author, speaker, SEO writer, small business advisor, and wellness strategist, Harmony’s been trained by industry leaders like HubSpot, Harvard, Trauma Institute International, and Google Creative Campus. 

She’s produced content for Yahoo! & Verizon Small Business, InsightTimer, Small Business Trends, Lioness Magazine, and The Best Brain Possible. 

And her companies have earned clients like Google, LipoScience, and Cotton Inc.

For 2022, Harmony Major was named Female Entrepreneur to Watch by Women Entrepreneur Magazine, and nominated for 10 Most Influential Women Business Leaders to Watch by Tycoon Success Magazine. 

Today, she specializes in helping ambitious small business owners and professionals:

recognize and reverse the hidden personal patterns blocking professional growth;

choose simple daily action steps that help focus their budgets, energies, and efforts; and

fix up their websites and other marketing to attract more and better clients.

And whenever she can, she creates resources to help tough professionals who happen to be childhood trauma survivors release the past and crush it at work. 

When she’s not doing those, Harmony is basking in the Florida sunshine, finding peace by the water, feeding a lifelong love of learning, and fighting perfectionism, tooth-and-nail. (She’s mostly winning. Finally!) Get her free course, “How to Reduce Self-Sabotage & Be More Consistent: According to Science” at Major Force.

Coaching with me


  • Build body-mind self-regulation skills and emotional resilience.

  • Build new neural connections to start releasing fear, stress, doubt, & anxiety.

  • Identify your “sabotage points” to cancel disruptive behaviors before they create problems.

  • Better control progress-stifling thoughts by learning your emotional limits.

  • Increase self-compassion; release self-blame, guilt, and shame.


Thought-provoking. Impactful. Innovative. Leading by Example. Solution-Focused.



A 4- to 6-month hybrid high performance program with live, 1-on-1 private sessions and accountability support.


Please see Major Force for details, case studies, and testimonials.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Holistic Life and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Life Purpose Extraction Coach
  • Certified Psychological & Emotional Resilience Professional
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach
  • Certified Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Harvard | Public Speaking; Persuasive Writing
  • Hubspot | SEO; Inbound Marketing; Content Marketing
  • National Center for PTSD | Multiple

She thought “procrastination” and performance anxiety were things she’d always deal with... until they weren’t. In less than 6 months, she went from decades of avoiding the public eye, to regularly speaking and presenting LIVE for small biz orgs across the nation. Meet Harmony Major, Root-Cause Performance & Wellness Strategist for 30-plus impactpreneurs. 

An Entrepreneurial Coach, Performance Strategist, and Natural Wellness Expert, Harmony combines 10+ years of entrepreneurship with training from orgs like National Council for Mental Wellbeing, Harvard, and HubSpot. Today, she helps ambitious change agents BURN the self-sabotage cycle in 4 to 6 months to crush their Big Goal.

Get her free class, “How I Got 280% More Business (in a Stressful Year), with 70% LESS Work,” at

Fee description

Fees: from $1100 USD to $6500 USD

One month of regular support from $1,100/mo. Full program from $6,500 for 6 months.


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