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Coach Hollie Zaretzke
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Hollie Zaretzke

Certified Spiritual Life Coach 
Kirkland, Washington, United States

I support women on their journey to loving themselves inside and out! 

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me

My mission and life purpose are to support, inspire, and empower awakening women to reconnect with their soul, reclaim their power, know their worth, and fall in love with themselves.

The biggest challenges I’ve faced in my adult life were caused because of my unhealed emotional wounds from my past, lack of self-love, and personal power. Based on my upbringing, I carried a lot of anger, resentment, and emotional pain from my childhood into my adult life. I became a people pleaser and gave my power away because I wanted to fit in and be liked. I felt like I couldn’t truly be myself without being judged or criticized. Being intuitive I was able to see when the people around me were not being honest with me. My lack of self-confidence and personal power kept me from speaking up, being authentic and shining my light.

In 2008 when I was in my early 20’s, three major events happened in my life; my grandmother passed away, I ended a six-year relationship and had a falling out with my roommates/friends. It was challenging, emotional, and exciting all at the same time. I didn’t take much time to grieve and process everything, instead I partied a lot. All I cared about was having fun and doing what I wanted, which led me to make a lot of mistakes. I was able to hold a steady job, but I lacked direction, clarity, and a vision for my future.

When I entered my 30’s my life started changing and unfolding in a new way. I was happier and healthier than I had ever been, I got married, and found a new tribe of friends. Yet, I was lacking fulfillment in my administrative career. I was beginning to awaken spiritually and felt a calling to help people in a deeper and more meaningful way. The 9-5 office grind wasn’t working for me anymore and no longer in alignment with my highest path. My higher self was crying out for my attention so I finally started listening. I changed jobs, but after a few months I knew that's where I wasn't supposed to be. I was afraid to leave so I stayed and hoped for the best. 

Then in August of 2017 after the solar eclipse, I was hit with a suprise and let go from that job. It was a bruise to my ego because I felt rejected and unworthy. But after taking some time to grieve and reflect on this experience, I started to see things differently. I started looking within and opening up spiritually which helped me to perceive this experience as a blessing in disguise. Then it became clear to me that I was given a gift of time to discover my purpose, heal my emotional wounds, transform my life, grow spiritually, and become the woman I desired to be.

As I began the process of self-healing and turning inward, my purpose was becoming clearer to me. I felt a calling to work in the industry of healing arts/health/wellness and spirituality, which led me to the path of becoming a life coach. I knew I was being guided in the right direction because I listend to my heart and my higher self. 

Since then, I focused on my personal growth and healing, got certified as a life coach and started coaching a variety of clients. I’m passionate about what I do! I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my life to helping women embrace their feminine power, heal from their past, stop being people pleasers, and to learn how to manage and protect their precious energy. 

Coaching with me


I help my clients to find inner peace, joy, and happiness again. They are able to overcome fear and worry and turn it into excitement for the future. My clients learn how to love themselves so they can attract more love into their life. They feel good about themselves inside and out, and increse their self-confidence. 


I like to take a an organic holistic approach to coaching and go with the flow. I use my intution to guide me through each session. I believe in asking power questions and staying fully present with clients. 



I offer private one on one coaching sessions and monthly packages.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certification from Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $2500 USD

$150 per session

$777 for monthly packages

$2,500 for my 90-day Signature package 


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