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Jamie Paisley

MA Counseling Psych,Certified Coach 
Bend , Oregon, United States
Therapist turned Coach guiding you to create the life of your dreams through mindset and alignment
Life coach Career coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $150 USD to $190 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am Jamie Paisley, a therapist turned coach with the mission to help more women create a fulfilling high quality life through genuine alignment that positively impacts those around them.  I have a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology and am a Certified Life Coach who has owned her own coaching business for just over five years now and has served hundreds of women through therapy, private coaching, group coaching and workshops.  I absolutely love this work and have seen time and time again how it can positively impact those who commit and create the highest quality of life they only dreamt of once.  I am here to empower you on every step of journey and teach you how to do that for yourself!  

Coaching with me


I'm here to guide and empower you to create your most fulfilling highest quality of life.  This truly looks different for everyone, which makes this journey and world so beautiful. 

If you are uncertain of what that looks like for you, I'm here to guide you clarity through getting in touch with the truest, most authentic part of yourself.

You will get in touch with what that elevated version of you looks, feels and acts like.  Together we'll make a plan for you to step into this version of you.  We will focus on upgrading your mindset and taking aligned action.  

Focuses can be in any area, relationships, career, pursuing a passion, creating a business, balancing personal and professional life- whatever needs an upgrade and fine tuning.  I already have complete faith in you creating what you desire, as long as your open new ways of being.  

My previous clients have reached goals such as landing the job of their dreams, creating the job of their dreams, starting and scaling businesses, leaving relationships that they knew were not for them, then creating a the life they truly wanted, improving relationships with their partner, family, etc., just complete overhauls- creating a healthy lifestyle, making big decisions they had a lot of uncertainty around, moving to the city had been dreaming of for years, creating a fulfilling life after stepping into their new identity as mom, the list goes on.  


I will be your biggest supporter while holding you accountable.  I want you to see change and get your desired results, so I will be open, honest and direct while guiding you.  I come with a lot of education, training and experience that I will be bring into our work together.  We will focus on your mindset, creating new thoughts and neural pathways to ensure lasting results.  All decisions and actions will be through deep alignment!  Get ready for perspective shifts and view points that will get you unstuck, confused or blocked and that will serve you in creating what it is you truly want for your precious life!


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I begin working with clients in a 12-week container to ensure enough time for significant transformation and growth.  We meet via zoom for 50-minutes once a week for the 12-weeks.  After each session you will receive notes with perspective shifts, breakthroughs, important take aways and beyond from our session.  You will have lifetime access to these notes for you to referrence.  You will also have Voxer access to me throughout our contract to share celebrations, work through something sticky or anything you want!  This is for you to utilize as much or as little as you'd like.  

Clients can always add additional sessions on after the container if they wish.  

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA of Psychology
  • MA of Counseling Psychology
  • Certified Life Coach

I realized at a young age through community service that the only path for me was that of being in service to others, to assist them in improving their life, somehow.  

Because of this, I recieved both a BA and MA in Psychology and became a therapist.  Through my professional and personal experiences I got more in touch with how I wanted to make a greater impact and how I wanted to work with clients which lead me to coaching.  

In the process of making this decision I went to Vietnam for 6-months to teach English.  This experience gave me the space I needed to create the clarity I was looking for.

When I came back to the US just over 5-years ago, I started my own coaching business and have never looked back.  This is the work I am meant to do and it's the work that fills my soul and allows me to feel as though I'm living out my purpose.  There is nothing like that feeling and that's why I want to guide others to create that in their lives as well.  

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $190 USD

The 12-week private coaching container is an investment of $2200, monthly payment plans are available at 3 payments of $735 



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