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Jeff Gilman

MBA, former Big 6 consultant 
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States
I help you reach a higher dimension of performance with better business strategies and management.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me

Jeff Gilman is from Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his MBA at Case Western Reserve University. He has consulted in the United States, Pakistan, the West Indies, and Saudi Arabia.

His clients and employers have included Peat Marwick/KPMG, The US Agency for International Development, The Social Security Administration, The Saudi Ministry of Post Telephone and Telegraph, Shell Oil, The Barbados Central Bank, a large Catholic Diocese, and many other businesses and non-profit organizations.

In the US, he has worked as a consultant for Orion Consulting (now CGI, Inc.), hospitals, restaurants, nonprofits and owned two franchises and two other businesses.

Jeff has free Strategy workbooks and other business-building resources available on his website.

Coaching with me

This is a time of rapid change driven by the internet, technology, and demographic shifts among other forces. There are just two certainties: no business strategy will still be viable in a few years, and; only the most adaptable organizations will prosper.

I help with strategy - the right customers, right products, and right business model -
marketing (the firm to customer connection), and business systems (management). The focus of the work is your success: more money, less risk, more confidence, and better management.

I will perform, assist with, and train you in certain tasks as needed (e.g., discounted cash flow analysis, selecting an accounting system, developing an incentive system, marketing funnels, and other business fundamentals.) Generally, however, the most valuable time is spent as your sounding board and confidant to identify options and think thru alternatives and decisions.

Business is a game played on a 6-inch field – the space between your ears. Play the game right.
Working together begins with a free session to get acquainted, discuss expectations, establish goals, set timelines, and perform any administrative tasks. This session gives us a chance to get to know each other and assess our compatibility. It is important we share a philosophical compatibility, have some personal chemistry, and agree on what we can and can’t do working together. If we don’t mesh, this meeting gives either of us the opportunity to terminate the arrangement. If we decide not to work together, my no risk guarantee is your money will be refunded except for a $45 processing fee.

I specialize in small and medium-size business and nonprofits as a management generalist helping with strategy, marketing, and general business operations. I also work with non-profits. Feel free to contact me to discuss your goals and plans prior to ordering. I would rather not waste time or money if your needs are outside my bounds.


Learning is a lifelong pursuit. I help small and medium-sized businesses and startups succeed with coaching in business management. I do this for people who want a more thoughtful, deeper, and personal experience than is available thru other means. I work one-on-one and focus on strategy, marketing, finance, and general business management. My clients are empowered with solid fundamentals and are able to move forward with confidence.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA
  • Big 6
  • Domestic and International Experience

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $175 USD

Fees are established based on program and service and/or value created. Basic fees are quoted on the website. Project fees negotiated on a case by case basis.


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