lifecoach $333 USD Jennifer Aho Glele Jennifer Aho Glele We offer intuitive coaching services to help people empower, develop, and amplify their intuition
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Jennifer Aho Glele

Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
We offer intuitive coaching services to help people empower, develop, and amplify their intuition
Life coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $333 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Our mission is to provide a guide on how to tap into your intuition and develop your own sense of self-dependence and awakening:
We are all puppets and slaves to our society, through our attachment to our families, friends and other superficialities. Until we learn to detach from them, true observation of our environment cannot take place, for it is already tainted by our ego (our idea of ourselves). Only through detachment can one find freedom and truly grow.

Our vision is to contribute all we can to a world where no one should feel alone and trapped within their reality:
Our intuitions and heart enable us to tap into aspects of ourselves that are without boundaries. In practicing your connection to those aspects of yourselves, you get to experience everything from a detached perspective and discover a greater sense of freedom, love, and a connection to ALL.


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" YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!" trust in yourself and know that everything is ALWAYS working out for you. With our intuitive coaching package:

  • We will navigate your inner world based on your reactions to your outer one. In order to find inner balance the internal knots or blockages creating emotional unrest will need to be untied. This can create a lot of resistance as people spend their whole life hiding from themselves.

  • We will progress at your pace based on how much you are willing to face about yourself.

  • Allow yourself to be guided and nurtured back to life, because you deserve it. There is no specific goal in time to reach but more of an unfolding of oneself to discover.

  • Our approach is to exit the victimhood mentality carefully crafted by our ego, by taking ownership and accountability of our experiences through self-empowerment, nurturing, and love.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $333 USD

  • Option 1 : One 60 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session - $88

  • Option 2 : One 90 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session - $111

  • Option 3 : Monthly 60 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session - $333


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