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Jennifer Urezzio

Founder of Soul Language 
Morristown, New Jersey, United States
Empowerment by creating tangibility and connection directly with Soul and the Divine.

About me

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, a master of service, author, teacher and speaker. She founded her own business, Blooming Grove, Know Soul’s Language’s parent company, in 2004 in response to her intuitive senses and ability to help others feel better about themselves both holistically and naturally, working closely with them to generate a feeling of strength and well-being. She works with individuals who know that they are here to be of service to help them achieve that mission and receive the love and support they desire.

She also founded a new paradigm of divine guidance — Soul Language — where she guides clients to understand their Soul’s Language. This new way of understanding how the soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches and CEOs all over the country.

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, speaker and author. She created a paradigm that helps put words and tangibility around the Soul and the Soul of a business. She is the author of two books - Soul Language Consciously Connecting with Your Soul for Success and A Little Book of Prayers.

Coaching with me

I guide individuals who are Spiritual Renegades - highly innovate and intuitive to create a more powerful and profound relationship with themselves, others and the Divine by understanding their Soul.

By using their essence consciously they become the creators of their own Universe and get express their message more clearly and to a bigger audience. I guide individuals who want to create a movement and change the world to accept their sacred purpose and receive from it.

If you are interested in creating profound change on the planet and require spiritual support that leads to a life full of freedom...I'm that person.
With powerful, high frequency questions...I guide clients to understand the internal change that helps them select Divine inspired action that create tangible results.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I work with individuals who are Spiritual Renegades - highly innovative and intuitive people.

Each program is personal and crafted to meet the client's needs. Each client starts with a Soul Language ID, which will help the client understand and form a more profound connection with their Soul.
Short courses or group coaching
I conduct several group classes a year - including a year long program called the Soul Expedition Academy. This is one 60 minute class - that is on-going education for the Soul.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Founder of Soul Language
  • Trained with Master Intutives
  • Prana Healer
Several years ago, I was asking some big questions: Divine, I know my life purpose (Powerful Healer and Teacher of Service in the Spotlight) what do I do with that and where are my people...

The question was answered via a new paradigm called Soul Language. Soul Language helps put some tangibility to the Soul so individuals can accept and utilize their Soulful gifts in a profound way.

Fee description

Fees: from $312 USD to $1000 USD

I offer just one session (Soul Language ID session) to VIP days; where an intensive, fast track day dedicated to the client's needs is created.


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