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Jerra Dooley

Saginaw, Alabama, United States
  • MA Pastoral Counseling/A&R
  • ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor
  • Licensed Human Behavior Coach

FEES from $75 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Jerra knows what it means to have dreams destroyed and goals detoured. She also knows how sacred help trumps self help in discovering God's purpose and design for every person's life and that Scripture provides the pathway to becoming your best self. Her goal is to share God's transforming grace in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to your life so that you can recover from the bumps, bruises, and bang ups to find satisfaction and fulfillment in a life well lived.

Coaching with me


My goal is to assist my clients in quickly discovering what is working well in their life and what is not working. Through the use of homework, including the study of Scripture and other resources plus completion of personal exerices, four areas of well-being are address: physical (health and cognition), emotional, social, and spiritual. Then goals can be set to achieve the desired changes and results for personal well being and empowerment. 


Jerra's coaching style is Christ centered, theologically sound, and clinically informed. She applies truth with grace, compassion, and encouragement.

Placing a high value on the client's time, she conducts a thorough intake process, which produces an accurate assessment, and results in direct and respectful guidance and accountability that leads to action that produces the desired change/results. 


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Life Recovery Coaching: Biblical counseling that addresses the things we get hung-up on in life: abuse, addictions (substances and behaviors) depression, toxic relationships, divorce, blending families, grief, and more.

Spiritual Coaching: Addresses core values and beliefs that provide the basis for how we think of self and how we relate to others. When life seems to be heading off the rails, it is important to identify what is right and what is wrong with the foundations of our thinking. Once misperceptions, false beliefs, and faulty values are discovered, it is important to replace them with God's truth that results in thinking correctly and operating in a manner that produces fruitfulness and blessing to self and others.

Empowerment Coaching: Learning to become the beautiful person God designed you to be begins with discovering how you were designed to SHINE through your individuality and life experience. This is where  life's difficulties are transformed from liabilities to strengths, and a person becomes empowered to move forward and accomplish the impossible rather than maintaining the mundane life of low expectations.


Services are provided online using web-based tools and a seperate online services agreement must be signed to acknowledge the security and privacy expectations of online sessions.

Short courses or group coaching

Material is currently under development for offering short courses and group coaching that can be enjoyed online from the comfort of your home.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Biblical Counselor (ACBC)
  • Women's Ministry Certificate (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • BS Religion/Christian Counseling (Liberty University)
  • MA Pastoral Counseling, Addictions & Recovery (Liberty University)
  • Advanced Life Coaching Degree (AACC)
  • Prepare/Enriched Certified Coordinator
  • Licensed Human Behavior Coach (Uniquely You)
  • PAIR Suicide Certification

Personal experience with a traumatic childhood, issues of abuse, toxic adult relationships, divorce, and more have lead to a journey of sacred self discovery. Having found healing in Christ and guidance through Scripture, Jerra began lighting the pathway to healing and wholeness for others twenty-five years ago.

She has accomplished the impossible in her own life by becoming the uniquely inspiring individual God designed her to be, and assisting thousands in discovering His purpose and meaning for their lives.

She has conducted hundreds of events for groups ranging from five to five-hundred people, and has provided countless hours of individual biblical counseling/coaching through her own ministry and local non-profit biblical counseling centers.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $125 USD

All services begin with a free introductory consultation session (15 to 30 minutes) to become acquainted with my clients. This session concludes with an offer of specific services for the individual's needs and intake paperwork is supplied online for completion by the individual.

Upon completion of paperwork, the first counseling session is scheduled. This "intake" session can take up to 90 minutes and the fee is $125.

All sessions after intake are conducted in 45-55 minutes at a fee of $75.

All fees are paid in advance of scheduling sessions and can be purchased in packages with savings.


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