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Coaching with me

As an accomplished leader, you're driven, focused and committed to serving something larger than yourself. Leaders are confident yet humble, firm but kind. The best leaders are experts in their field and decisive in their decision-making. As your leadership coach, I'm tasked with holding you accountable while you set goals, create a vision and execute. We'll work together to bring out the best in you while you build upon your experience and skills to bring out the best in your team. ($120/ hour)

For aspiring leaders, we'll work to bring out the best in you today, so you're well equipped for your role as a stand-out leader of tomorrow. We'll define your character, values, and strengths while establishing a plan of action and life vision, based on your unique characteristics and circumstances, that'll provide you with the tools, and confidence, to stand-out above your peers. ($90/ hour)

Note: In order to qualify for the "Aspiring Leaders" rate you must be either a full-time college student, veteran or teen.

Accelerator: Established and determined you may very well be on your way to living the life of your dreams. But if you're not, or something is missing, we'll work together to find the misplaced pieces that'll make your life completely and entirely fulfilled. Be ready to take on the challenge of becoming the best version of yourself. ($120/ hour)

Transitions: Whether you're embarking on your next great adventure or settling into an unfamiliar space, this session will help you establish your priorities, appease your apprehensions and set in motion a sustainable lifestyle so you can find satisfaction and ease into your new life. ($90/ hour)

Note: In order to be considered for the "Lifestyle Transitions" rate, you must be either a transitioning student, veteran or teen.
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As a coach, I've found that I work best with inspiring individuals or those embarking on an inspiring journey, those that have a desire to make a big impact and those who are dedicated and committed to bringing out the best version themselves.

The ideal client will come to each session with an open mind, ready to think, plan and grow. If you're the type to work hard and are passionate about living a life a purpose, I'd be honored to work with you. I’m confident that together we can uncover what is truly holding you back, followed up by a strategy that’ll turn your thoughts and ideas into a powerful, purposeful plan of action

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Global Management (May 2020)
  • Fitness and Wellness Specialist
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Bachelor of Science - Exercise and Wellness
My name is Jesse Simpson and I'm a compassionate, dedicated, driven, lifelong learner and coach; committed to living a life of purpose with a passion for helping others take action toward their dreams. Sick of settling for the status quo, I resigned from a stable career to live a life more in line with my own values and vision. I finally decided that I’m not going to live a life looking forward to retirement. I have a history of overcoming adversity and making tough decisions, and I want to help you do the same.

Coaches have completely transformed my life and now it's time to pay it forward. I became a coach because I believe in the process as it's helped me through some of life's most trying times. If you feel stuck, tired or have ever had the thought that there has to be more to life than this, please reach out. I’m confident that together we can uncover what is truly holding you back, followed up by a plan of action that'll move you from doubting to doing.

My greatest spurts of growth were in direct response to the relationships I’ve had with coaches and mentors over the past 15+ years and now it's your turn. I have served my country, my community and with a relentless passion to coach, mentor, and volunteer, I’ve worked with people spanning all generations and walks of life from all across the country and world. If you’re on a mission to better yourself, your situation or the world around us, we’ll make a great team.

The difference between average and extraordinary is the ability to turn thoughts into actions. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is action. As your coach, I'm committed to uncovering all that you have to offer, all while you take back your life and transform your thoughts into action.

Let's get to work!
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