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Jessica Alstrom

NLP,Quantum Healing , Clairvoyant.  
Overland Park, Kansas, United States
NLP, Quantum Healing, Clairvoyant.

About me

Intuitive Life Coach, Jessica Alstrom has a back ground in Quantum Physics, Bio Chemistry, Human Nutrition, Psychology, Early Childhood Development , Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Healing Arts. Her greatest attribute is her ability to guide, heal & coach people through their own awakening to uncover their true purpose and highest joy.

My journey as a life coach began from an intense desire to find joy within myself . Although teaching has always been my passion, my true success has not come from any of my degrees, certificates or traditional education. My success is solely based on my ability to live as I intend and create my life as I choose. My intuitive abilities and clairvoyance began to show themselves when I was fully living in my passion and joy. Helping others has been my purpose my entire life. But without first helping myself and creating the reality of my choosing I was limited on who and how I could really help others. The DECISION to be happy is the place where miracles unfold and intuitive gifts are aligned. We all have special purposes and gifts to share with the world. The challenge is looking in the mirror long enough to see past the things that we want to change and awakening the true spark of our soul, nestled quietly awaiting our belief. You are a perfect unlimited being that regardless of any shame, guilt or resentment hidden within your heart , your purpose and soul remain untouched , untainted and divinely perfect simply awaiting your decision to be yourself to the fullest ability you can and create a life full of love, passion and joy for yourself.

Coaching with me


Jessica is a seer. Her powers are all about seeing and feeling the purpose of others. She is able to see past pain and suffering and locate your unique life block and gift. She is a spiritual and life teacher who works with your unique energy blueprint to help break through life blocks of mediocrity and misery while teaching you the secrets of the universe. One session with Jessica and you will know your purpose in life Together we will heal the illness in your body, mind and soul.

In person and Skype.


My sessions are available through Skype or in person at my private practice in Overland Park Kansas. I work energetically to pin point the issue and help eliminate life blocks as well as self sabotage and self abuse. See my YOU TUBE testimonials to see my work.
Coaching avail through Skype and FaceTime.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer a year long spiritual and Life Coaching internship for 10 people per year. Details are specific to the individual.
Ongoing training
Monthly seminars .

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Quantum Healing
  • Bio Chemistry
  • NLP
Mother of six , Author, healer, spiritual teacher and life coach.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD

First session $150.00 for 2 hours. $75.00 Hourly avail through all major Credit cards and paypal.


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