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Jessica Burkart

Mount Dora, Florida, United States
Go from "meh.." to "YEAH!"

About me

My specialty area is transition in life. That can mean any number of situations and positions in life. For example; getting married, going through a divorce, ready to move on from the next step of initial grief, getting out of the military and ready to join the civilian world, helping an executive learn to enjoy life outside of work, helping a person achieve their career goals, supporting single people, straight or gay in finding that special someone to share their life with. Even going from a heavy burden of a life to one that's light and full of peace and happiness is transition and it can all be positive, energizing, and most of all fun.

As your coach I will be your support, your sounding board, your cheerleader, your challenger, and your sessions will be your “safe place”. It’s the one place you can come to and just “be” and the best part is you can just be “you”. I am the person you can bounce those crazy thoughts and dreams off of, the person you can tell that your mother in-law is a fruit loop and it will never bite you in the rear, the person who will tell you to HOLD UP! Take it easy... let’s break this down to have a calmer, better grip on it and mostly, if you begin to sweat for some unknown reason during a session and have a warm sensation on your buttocks.. Yes. That’s me lighting a FIRE under it to get it going in the direction you told me you wanted it to go in!

Most of all, you should find your sessions fun, insightful, and fulfilling. You’re doing it for you after all. I am there to be in the seat next to you while you take this fantastic ride called life. You steer the car - it's your agenda not mine, I'll let you know the best short cut to your chosen destination.

Coaching with me

I'm here for your agenda so when I'm asked to describe what I will help my clients with my answer is anything they desire. My job is to help you envision where you want to go and support you in getting there the fastest (and most fun!) way.
I've been coaching for over ten years and my favorite type of coaching is the one on one personal approach via teleconference on a weekly basis. Something pretty magical happens when you are in a private space, not looking at someone but have an open and supportive line to express yourself.

I have many methodologies that I have become skilled at over the years. I tend to have an eclectic approach because I don't believe in shoving someone into a box because that's the box they are familiar with. Every client I've had is completely different and good coaching calls for knowing when to take a part of one methodology and mixing it with another depending on the clients needs.

You should never feel disheartened at the end of session with me. What I want is to be your support system, not your brow beater. However, there will be times when you hear the click of lighter under yourself! That's me gently stoking the flames of life.

I tend to push back because it is often what you are not saying to me that I hear. I'm am not a solution in search of a problem. I can express enough how much coaching is about the clients agenda and not the coaches.


One on one weekly private calls. Yes! It's all about you.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CEG
  • Coachville Play 2 Win, Coachville Advanced Communication.
  • Coach U Core Essentials Graduate
  • Military Veteran
Growing up in New England, mostly in New Hampshire and Cape Cod, I was lucky enough to have had a loving and healthy childhood with parents who gave me the rock solid foundation (thanks Mom and Dad!) that has gotten me through all of the many transitions in my life.

I lost my father at 17, and at 18 decided that the path I was taking wasn't the best choice, and joined the United States Air Force. I served active duty for four years during Desert Storm in the Presidential Honor Guard doing an array of unique jobs, including a special duty assignment to the Pentagon where I was a personal sentry for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

In 1995 I hiked the entire Appalachian Trial from Georgia to Maine. I started with my then boyfriend but, thank the stars, I didn't finish with him. Hiking for that many miles a day is like having an invisible life coach. You have ample time to think about what you really want for yourself. He wasn't it! While on the trail, my grandmother died leaving me and my only sibling, my brother Mike, a five-family rental property. I bought Mike out, renovated the building without a clue (Not one. No, really, not ONE CLUE!), and now I can whip up a mean sauce and throw up sheet-rock all at the same time! Who knew?!

I worked in the corporate world from 1995 - 2003 in publishing, while also being the property manager to the five-family house in Boston. Being single in Boston was terrific. I wouldn't give those memories back, but driving in Boston traffic now is a sharp reminder of how people evolve, all of their life, and how the results you may want today will be completely different when you discover more about yourself.

Since that real estate transition, I've been in real estate and into creating a dream life for myself. In 2003 I helped a friend who had tragically lost his dear, wonderful wife, move to Florida. It was that trip that helped me make the decision to try my luck in real estate in a warmer climate!

While in that warmer climate I fell in love with that friend I helped move to Florida, and we were happily married as of November 10, 2007. It solidified what I'd always been sure of: if you don't settle, if you stick to what you really want for yourself, if you're patient enough to figure out what that is exactly - it's out there. It won't come knocking on your door, though. You've got to clear out the negative so the positive has room to enter your life.

My husband and I live in Florida in the winter, Maryland in the spring and fall, and Cape Cod in the summer. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it? That's because it IS! Who knew?!

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $400 USD

Your monthly fee includes:
3 thirty to forty-five minute sessions per month. Unlimited "check in" calls/emails.

The rate of $200.00 per month is reserved for military veterans. All other clients have the $400.00 per month fee.


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