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Jessica Speigner

Motivational Speaker & Life Coach 
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Motivational Coach, Entrepreneur & Speaker, Author and Empowerment Leader.

FEES from $30 USD to $3000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Accomplishments from being a self published and celebrated author, successful small business owner, a woman of passion, power vision and purpose. Those are just a few of the accolades that can be use when I reference myself. As proud as I am to have been able to accomplish these things during certain points in my life, those all describe what I have done, not who I am. I am a believer of faith, continuing to build up family ties and inspire towards greatness. My experience is combined with professional and personal enrichment in the areas of dealing with transition.

This includes previous  incarceration; being the spouse, wife or loved one of one who has been incarcerated. I can help with building and strengthening communication between couples & families through my personal insights and expertise.  For years, I have been a social helper reminding couples to embrace love, forgiveness, the importance of communication, building trust and understanding the importance of positive change. 

Coaching with me


Goals are required in order to achieve any change in life. I work with clients to help them identify the goals and conquer. This includes: Re-building self-esteem awareness, re-claiming self-value & effective communication.


I like to LISTEN first and help clients understand where they currently are in their life. Provide tools to assist with transitioning into the steps required to get to where they would like to be in love, life and career.


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Free 30 minute Consultation

Coaching programs vary


Free 30 minute Consultation

Coaching programs vary

Short courses or group coaching

Free 30 minute Consultation

Coaching programs vary

Ongoing training

Rates adjusted on a case by case basis.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA- Criminal Justice Studies/ Minor in Psychology 2018
  • AA- Criminal Justice 2007
  • Court Appointed Advocate At Risk Adolecents - 2009-2014
  • Professional Motivational Speaker

Now a successful respected motivational coach to those that are under privledged, a successful small business owner and author. Jessica Speigner, with such an empowering journey & life story, has evolved her into a well respected public figure, after undergoing an experiment where she volunteered to be an inmate to understand life as a convicted felon for 60 Days.

Jessica can relate to those being inside, building/strengthening a marriage/relationship, finding purpose & transitioning back into society successfully.

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $3000 USD

Free 30 minute Consultation

Coaching programs vary


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