lifecoach $1500 USD Johnathan Hines Johnathan Hines As a teen coach, I help teens to discover their purpose and their true passion.
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Johnathan Hines

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States
As a teen coach, I help teens to discover their purpose and their true passion.
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About me

The teen years can be full of turmoil and change. Teen coaching and life coaching can help guide teens through this difficult time. Life coaching is not just for adults! As a teen coach, I look to make those transitions flow more freely and to allow teens to find their own unique and special place in life. Every teen deserves to be happy and to strive to be more than they believe they can be. Every teen has dreams and goals, but they may not fully understand what those goals are. I have worked with teens for over a decade, helping them to find their path and achieve a happy and productive life. It is easy for an individual to lose their way in life. That is even more true for teens. But each teen has a unique set of skills and abilities that will allow him or her to reach the goals they set out for themselves.

I believe that becoming a confident, well-rounded adult is a goal that every teen can achieve. I have worked with a variety of individuals to help them overcome any obstacles that have stood in their way in the past. By learning to work through those obstacles in the teen years, the individual is better able to work through other obstacles as they arise in the adult years. I teach real life skills and help to direct and coach teens to develop their own goals. We work together toward achieving those goals. Every teen is capable of so much more than they believe. It is my life’s joy to see teens progress through each coaching session and to move on to the next with more energy and determination.

Career Highlights:
-Seasoned professional teen coach, mentor and guide with 12+ years of experience
-Teen coach and life-transformer with excellent communication, observation, and mentoring skills
-Public Speaker & Motivational Speaker for over a decade, specializing in teen issues

-Teen Coach
-Teen Mentor
-Teen Motivator
-Change Facilitator
-Communication Skills Training
-Inspirational Speaking
-Motivational Speaking
-Public Speaking
-Teen Group Motivational Speaking
-Transformational Speaking
-Family Relationship Coach
-Life Coach

As a teen coach, I help teens to discover their purpose and their true passion. Through coaching sessions, I allow teens to learn more about themselves in a healthy and positive setting. Together we discover where the teens strengths lie and how to overcome any obstacles that have stood in the way of their success. We also work to identify any relationship issues with family, friends, and others in order to work through improving those relationships. My duty as a teen coach is to help teens become well-rounded, happy, and productive adults with the skills needed to be successful in all areas of their lives.
As a teen coach, my responsibilities include:
-Provide a secure and confidential environment in which a teen can explore their feelings, needs, beliefs, and goals.
-Involvement of family members, where applicable, in the transformation of the teen.
-Acting as a mentor, guide, friend, and coach to the teen as an unbiased, neutral party.
-Helping to identify goals and obstacles that are getting in the way of those goals.
-Understanding the needs of each client and building a workable plan to achieve success and happiness in all areas of life.
-Working with the teen and family to find ways to overcome obstacles and achieve the goals set forth.

-My #1 responsibility is always the health and safety of each and every client. While confidentiality is key, should something arise that shows the teen to be in danger, my responsibility is to mitigate that danger by involving parents or others who can remove that immediate danger from the life of the teen.


Bachelor’s of Divinity | Master’s of Christian Counseling

Certifications, Additional Training & Awards:

Certified Professional Coach | Presented the Good Samaritan Award by former Governor Frank Keating, February 2001 | Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor | Certified Temperament Counselor | Licensed in to the Gospel Ministry

Professional Activities and Memberships:

Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching International Association of Coaching (IAC) | Member Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling | Member of American Association of Christian Counseling | Member of National Christian Counselors Association


Teen Life Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $1500 USD

$500 per month


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