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Jon Baker

BSc ,BA Theology, Cert IV Coach  
Kuringgai, New South Wales, Australia
Life coaching with a background in the Western (evidence based) transformational styles.

About me

I have bee walking with people through decisions and change all my life, much of it professionally in Christian Ministry. Life coaching is the outcome of my own life's walk and a realisation of the fulfillment I feel in seeing other thrive. You don't have to have a Christian background but I believe that we neglect the wisdom of the West to our detriment in search of the new and unproven. Open for Skype and Online coaching as well as face to face - give me a ring for a free first consultation.

Coaching with me

Understand yourself - use various profiling techniques to assess you character and your current behaviour
Be Aware of your strengths - many of us underestimate what we are already capable of or miss skills we have already developed
Measure the gap between where you are and where you want to be
Set an action plan and step by step break it down for manageable change
Get motivated to move forward and tackle tricky areas of change.
I work in partnership with any client, treating them like a valued friend - one who already has so many strengths that I can admire. I am not above anyone, nor is my life perfectly together, but I have certain skills to unlock your potential and help you life a more full and adventurous life.


Stop the excuses. Let's make a detailed plan and work together step by step.
Sometimes its hard face to face - let's work together over the web, emails, FB, Skype and make it work.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA Theology
  • Cert Iv LIfe coaching
  • BSc Chemistry
My background is what i describe as a Purposeful meandering. We don't have to life in straight lines and that is not my journey. My background is in Chemistry working for industry in Europe and Australia and also in Christian Ministry working as a pastor. I have found that every step is an adventure - sometimes quite a scary one and each person's life is unique. No-one should be put in a box. Creativity is a reflection of the divine life in every person.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $225 USD

Have your first consult free to ensure that I am the right person for you. After that each 50 mins is $75Aus which includes a follow up. Group sessions and business sessions available.


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