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Jonathan Buchanan

British Army Officer, CA, Coach 
Wareham, England, United Kingdom
Unlock limitless growth with a coach who merges military performance coaching and deep psychology.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $150 USD to $1000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Are you searching for clarity, direction, and purpose in your life? Do you aspire to reach new heights, both personally and professionally? Discover a coaching experience unlike any other, led by Capt. Jonathan A. J. Buchanan – a seasoned professional with a unique blend of military leadership, crisis management, and global affairs expertise.

Why Choose Capt Buchanan?

- Diverse Cross-Cultural Experience: Fluent in multiple languages and with active operations across diverse global locales from Ukraine to Cameroon, Jonathan deeply understands the challenges and strengths inherent in varied backgrounds.

- Military Leadership Excellence: From leading large teams under high-stress situations to developing optimal processes for over 5,000 soldiers, Jonathan's military experience has honed his ability to guide individuals towards their best selves.

- Business Acumen: A qualified Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, Jonathan has managed multi-million financial projects, mentored founders, and crafted brand and growth strategies for startups. His business expertise ensures you get practical, actionable guidance to reach your goals.

- Educational Prowess: Ranked #2 of 268 at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and awarded the prestigious State of Kuwait Prize for Defense and International Affairs, Jonathan combines theory with practice to give you a holistic coaching experience.

- Interest in AI's Intersection with Philosophy and Psychology: As we march into a digital future, understanding how AI influences our choices and behaviors becomes crucial. Jonathan's keen interest in this sphere ensures that your coaching sessions remain cutting-edge.

- More than Just a Coach: From ballroom dancing to offshore yacht racing, freediving to portrait photography, Jonathan's diverse interests mean he can connect with you on multiple levels, ensuring a coaching relationship that's both deep and enriching.

Unlock Your Next Level

Whether you're looking to overcome personal challenges, grow in your professional field, or simply wish to gain insights from someone who has experienced the pinnacle of leadership and strategy, Jonathan Buchanan is the life coach for you.

Get started on your transformative journey today. Reach out to Jonathan at integrationmastery at gmail dot com or call +44 7595 582355. Discover your potential, and let's craft your path to greatness together.



Embark on a transformative journey with Capt. Buchanan, blending military precision, global acumen, and business expertise into tailored coaching sessions. Each client engagement offers:

Individual Sessions: 60-minute deep dives to tackle immediate challenges and goals.

Monthly Packages: Four 60-minute sessions with email support, ideal for sustained growth.


Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $1000 USD

60-minute session: A session to take an overall view of your life and the direction you are looking to go in. I will pull everything together into a bespoke plan you can start taking action on immediately.

Four 60-minute sessions (with email support): A package of four sessions, spaced apart however widely you choose, to signpost you on your journey. Email support is provided inbetween to answer any questions you have, or to capitalise on any insights.

Ongoing support: Regular sessions, typically every two to three weeks, staying with you all the way to guide you on the journey to wherever you want to go. 

I offer discounted rates for students and those training to join the military.


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