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Julia Malakiman

M.A. Dating and Relationship Expert 
San Jose, California, United States
Silicon Valley's Dating Coach for men that have success in their careers but not their relationships
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $120 USD to $1500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Growing up in the Bay Area, I am all too familiar with the tech bro, data wiz, and executive engineer being able to troubleshoot every part of their life, except perhaps the most important…their love life! To be frank, I was tired of meeting men that were afraid of women, and didn’t know what to say or do in public because they were petrified of being rejected by a girl. The embarrassment they felt for themselves would make me uncomfortable and dislike the experience of dating.

The potential men and women have to be charming, secure, and confident all at the same time is powerful yet untapped by most. And to be honest, I don’t blame them. For the most part, we have not been taught by our parents on how to have “game” and our wingmen sure don’t do a good job of teaching it. Add to that the isolation and lack of experience, and you have kindhearted singles only wishing to fall in love.

I knew this needed to change. Since I began serving as a dating coach, I’ve helped people successfully attract and keep high quality partners, maintain thriving relationships, and accomplish huge goals. My clients are not changing who they are but discovering their true self and enhancing it. The skills and mindset my clients have adopted are put to the test in our live practice sessions, ultimately improving their confidence in all spheres of life.

My love for learning keeps me sharp and my passion for coaching keeps me dedicated to my client’s success. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Conflict Resolution and hold a Masters in Human Rights from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po). Outside of coaching, I am an avid gym-goer, volleyball player, and Muay Thai kickboxer.

Coaching with me


My name is Julia Malakiman and I’m going to be your best hype woman. My coaching program is customized to make you the most desirable, truly authentic gentleman in the Bay Area. My complete in-person program addresses every aspect of your dating life and gives you live training experience. You will master the art of dating, communication, how to engage in conversation, first date etiquette, online dating mastery, texting skills and much more. 


Before Coaching, men:

Miss all the opportunities to approach woman

Are nervous in conversation 

Lonely a lot of the time

Never feel good enough for a relationship

Don’t understand what you’re doing wrong

Constantly friend zoned 

They lose interest when texting you

You don’t know how to even meet people


After Coaching, men:

Walk up to any woman with confidence

Carry conversation with ease 

Get dates easily 

Understands the female perspective

Engaging texter and communicator

Uses attractive body language

Top online dating profile

No longer questioning your self worth 






My coaching style is completely hands-on and personalized the to each individual client. I like to do a lot of live in field practice and role play to get my clients practicing their confidence, not just undersanding it intellectually. That produces the best results for my clients.



Expert Dating and Relationship Coach Julia Malakiman, helps singles and couples find solutions to their love problems. Whether you're frustrated with the dating scene or finding it hard to live with your partner, Julia will get you clear, so you're thinking, feeling, and acting in a way that serves you.

Julia's hands-on, completely personalized approach will have you not only learning the skills and knowledge needed to change your life, but also apply it.

For Dating Coaching, this means exposing you to live situations that hone your communications skills to help you master the art of dating. Once you've found the love of your life, you will be coached on how to keep the relationship a thriving long term success.

My coaching program is meant to push my clients outside their comfort zone with my support 100% of the way. My unique dating coaching style is a combination of thought work, role playing, infield practice, exercises, online/offline dating strategy, messaging help, wardrobe, social media advising, and so much more.

My most popular 8 week program includes:

    8 weekly (1hr)  trainings (in person or zoom)

    (1) 2 hour in field practice sessions (in person)

    Weekly phone and text access to me 

    Mock dates

    Wardrobe and personal styling advice/adjustment

    Online dating profile management

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelors Degree, UC Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Masters, Sciences Po, in Human Rights
  • Life Coach Certified from The Life Coach School

I have coached hundreds of men in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley. I help smart, analytical men who struggle talkng to women or getting to that first date.

Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $1500 USD

Fees are based off an 8 week program or 1hr sessions.


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