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Julia Nica

Life Coach, Dream Coach.  
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Define the YOU, you love to be & create the success you want in your life with love and fulfillment

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About me

The clients I've worked with have suffered from depression for many years or nearly suicidal having turned their life around completely. Some are just going through divo I focus on working with clients who have a deep cry within them for massive change.

My Monthly Session:

Provided Forms to Complete Prior too.

- 4 Sessions
- 1 session per week
-1 hour per session
-Keep in touch with text throughout the week.

Each month is focused on getting massive results and is custom to your needs.
Action steps are given & accountability throughout the week is provided by keeping in touch through text.

***Price Per Month, 197 USD***

One time Session:

- Provided forms to complete prior too.
- duration1.5 Hrs
- Action steps for change
- Accountability for the following week

***Price (One Time) 99 USD***

Life Mission Course:

- Two Month Program
- Learning about what's holding you back
- What your purpose is
- What guides you
- Reviewing who you are and what clicks with you, what more aligns with you in terms of a career or service to others in life

- 1.5 Hrs Weekly
- Action Steps & Completions Weekly
- PDF Work Book

****Price, 497 USD for the package*****

Coaching with me

I have worked with single mothers who considered and attempted suicide prior to connecting with me and have completely transformed their lives centering themselves with what their calling is in their life.

Some of my clients were depressed and completely secluded from others depressed for many years going through divorce or foreclosures a by following the action steps I provide turned their life around including moving countries to living circumstances the loved more or being the most celebrated and acknowledge person at work. Taking the leap to better-paying job and a situation that seres them more.

I give people the guidance but it's up to them to take it and apply it in their life. For those who embrace the change have impeccable results in their life!
I understand what's going on by seeing what you dislike in your life and figuring out what you would love in your life.

We challenge you to take a small but attainable new step in your life that promote long-term change. Each person is different but I focus on getting you sustainable- exciting results in those first few days or weeks.

Accountability - you have my support when you need to clarify something that's going on. I encourage sharing pictures of your action step & communication throughout the week.

Most clients who apply the change in their life - see, feel and vibrate a change within the first 2 weeks of connecting with me.


Working One On One Via Phone, Skype, Text or Facebook
Working One On One Via Phone, Skype, Text or Facebook
Ongoing training
Powerpoints to follow

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Dream Coach University & Training (Online)
  • MYM Success Business Training
  • Life Coaching Training

Fee description

Fees: from $27 USD to $497 USD


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