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Jyothi Kiram

Soft Skills and ID expert 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Empowers individuals

Fitness coach Relationship coach

FEES from $1000 USD to $20000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Coaching gives me power, motivation, and excitement to help people strengthen their skills and unleash the potential to reach heights.

With the help of coaching, you could:

  • Activate your subconscious mind and add consicous efforts to manifest your dreams

  • Expedite your ideal career and personal life goals by following some spiritual practices and accomplish peace and satisfaction

  • Be the best communicator and develop confidence in public speaking which is one of the vital compelling traits in the market

  • Write instructionally sound content leveraging a story-telling approach to captivate audience

  • Discover your innerself and sharpen intuitions to make right decisions in life

  • Achive a balanced work and personal life by using techniques to manage time and stress



Coaching with me


Increases employee and staff engagement.
Improves individual performance.
Helps identify and develop high potential employees.
Helps identify both organizational and individual strengths


Facilitate learning followed by 1:1 practical coaching sessions



Here are some of the services I render:


Time Management: 2 days virtual workshop to help you manage time effectively and be most productive and ahead of the game.

Stress Management: 4 hours virtual coaching followed by 2-4 one-on-one coaching helping you to find that balance between work and personal life.

Effective Communication: 2 days training on improving business communication followed by live examples, work sessions, demonstration, and rehearsals. In addition, one-on-one coaching for 1 to 4 weeks to effectively implement techniques to speak with confidence.

Public Speaking: Get rid of the fear to speak in public with this 2 days workshop which will provide you with practical solutions and guidance to speak with confidence. Learn stortelling approach to capture audience attention and be ahead of the game.

Effective Presentations: Deliver and facilitate effective presentations with this one day training and captivate on your skills to draw attention and create an impact.

Academics to Corporate: Take on 5 days corporate training which is a readiness program for you to enter into corporate world. Sharpen your communication skills, learn corporate language, meeting etiquette, manage time effectively, and learn tricks of the trade.

Master Trainer: If your dream is to be an effective facilitator, take on this course for 5 days. Unleash the potential of being a facilitator and learn how to facilitate learning effectively. Know the differences between being a presenter, trainer, and facilitator and wear different hats while you choose to be different in each requirement. Learn to captivate learners attention, draw their focus on topic of facilitation, and implement learnings on-the-job.

Training Life-cycle: If you choose to a part of training and development, enroll to this porgram which is for 7 days. Learn different facets of training and development from requirement gathering to measuring training success.

L&D Metrics: Design evaluations, assessments, surveys, and several levels of measuring training or learning effectiveness with this effective program for 2 days.

Leadership Development: Implement different leadership styles for different scenarios, be a powerful leader and mentor your teams to get the best out of them. Demonstrate an example of transforming people and leveraging their strengths to help them reach thier asirations with this 5 adys interactive workshop.

Instructional Design: 20 days extensive training on ID models, principles, and best practices followed by 1 week work sessions, on-the-job help, job aids, and one-to-one coaching on practical implementation of ID.

Power of meditation: Learn how to meditate and awaken your subconscious with a 2 hour intense virtual program which helps you connect to your higher self and get guidance to make right decisions.

Personal Abundance: Time to know your true potential and fight worries, grief in life. Take up on one-on-one personal coaching for a minimum of 1 week to 6 months. Get better in each session and practise techniques to lead a peaceful and happy life and fight personal life worries, Embrace positivity and move with the best of spirit for the rest of your life with spiritual practices.

Angelic Guidance: Get inspired by angels and get guidance to make important decisions in your life. Book one-on-one sessions to help you guide your life decisions.


Communication skills

Soft Skills

Personality Development

Time Management

Effective Facilitation

Public Speaking

Instructional Design

Content Design and Development

College to Corporate

Leadership Development

Short courses or group coaching

Public Speaking

Time Management

Effective Facilitation

Public Speaking

Instructional Design

Content Design and Development

College to Corporate

Meeting Etiquette

Client Handling


Leadership Development


Ongoing training


Public Speaking

Leadership Development

Instructional Design

Coaching on dealing with stress, time, emotions, grief, motivation, positivity

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Learning Professional
  • Facilitation and Behavior Skills Expert
  • Soft Skills
  • Instructional Design
  • Personality Development

I have had opportunities to work with small to established brands across various domains and levels. About 15 years of experience in learning and development, coaching, instructional design, and leadership development. Soft Skills, Personality Development, and Leadership has been my strengths throughout.

My aim is to help people to excel in their professional and personal lives through a combination of professional skills development and spiritual practices.

Fee description

Fees: from $1000 USD to $20000 USD

Soft Skills/Corporate Skills

1-2 hours: Rs 1000 - 2000

3-4 hours: Rs 3000 - 4000

1-2 days: Rs 5000 - 10000

1-2 weeks: Rs 10000 - 20000


One-on-one coaching:

15-20 minutes: Rs 1000

20-40 minutes: Rs 2000

40-60 minutes: Rs 2000 - 3000


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