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Karen Ziervogel

Certified HBR Coach, Honors in Psyc 
Bryanston, United Kingdom
My life story is a living example of how HBRmethod works. It's living proof.

About me

I was born to a close knit family with parents who treasured us two girls. My parents struggled to make ends meet sometimes and we had to do without luxuries very often, my sister and I were always very well dressed and well read. We were my father’s pride and joy.

The intricacies of beliefs developed from my childhood is a source of constant awe for me.

My journey is one of constantly raising the bar. Unlike almost all of the women born to my era, community and life circumstance - I’ve never been able to settle for what others and society deemed ‘enough’. I’ve always - as long as I can remember, strived to be more than.

This is where HBR found me. A watershed moment.

I had made great leaps in certain areas of my life. My growth of stupendous proportions in certain areas of my life, remain a fascination to both myself and others. And yet in many other areas, I simply bashed my head against a glass ceiling. At the time my deep sense of panic and failure led to a malaise of Soul. And a lethargy of major proportions. As dramatic as this sounds there is just no other way to describe it.

The steps of HBR sometimes guided me gently and other times thrust me into scary territory when I had to dig deep and uncover the limiting subconscious beliefs which thwarted my balanced growth and ambitious achievements.

As a certified HBR Coach and with a theoretical background in traditional psychology, I have been empowered with the tools to assist anyone along their journey of self discovery, eliminating subconscious blocks and faulty beliefs which thwart their basic right to achieve their dream life.



Karen is a certified HBR Coach, trained by Sarah Centrella. She joined the second ever #HBRBootcamp, calling in all the way from South Africa! She's our first coach in her country and is inspiring people around the world with her story, hustle and relentless pursuit. Karen is a great example that the #HBRMethod works no matter where you start your journey. We are lucky to have her on our coaching team!
The #HBRMethod consists of 8 simple, commonsense steps to success, created by coach Sarah Centrella, founder and Master Coach. Each step is defined in her book Hustle Believe Receive. Steps include #DreamIT, #ThinkIT, #SayIT and #DoIT...

The #HBRMethod is a holistic guide to changing your life and living your dream. It's been proven to work for people from every imaginable background, regardless of their situation. If you are truly committed to creating your new ideal life and are willing to put in the work, this is the method that will make that happen!

Short courses or group coaching
Ten one-on-one coaching sessions (calls or Skype) with your personal HBR Coach to go over your wins, questions, struggles and homework. The first call allows your coach to get to know you and your goals for the course, followed by 8 sessions dedicated to the 8 step method, and finally one final call to make sure you are set up for success.
Calls are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.

Assigned weekly reading and weekly homework.

Creation of a #LifePlan and a #FutureBoard.

Email homework review.

Email or text accessibility between weekly calls.

Emergency support via phone as needed.

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Ongoing training
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