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Coach Karolina Magdalena Gladych
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Karolina Magdalena Gladych

M.S. in Psychology, Life Coach 
Kolossi, Limassol District, Cyprus
I help people connect with their wisdom and bring more inspiration, ease and flow to their projects
Life coach Relationship coach

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About me

For the last 10 years I have worked as a coach and a group facilitator with hundreds of people from more than 20 countries.

I've been often in awe of how resourceful people are, how wonderful ideas, feelings and talents can be found inside them. I have also noticed that people tend not to know how gifted, resilient and gorgeous they are. Because of this, they:

- Play small and do not do what they really want because they believe they are not capable of creating what they truly desire. It leads to frustration and sense of lack of fulfillment.

- Are needy, believing that in order to feel OK (loved, worthy, significant, powerful etc.), they need others to offer appreciation, support, approval, admiration etc.

- Do not open their hearts fully and do not allow full range of feelings, full potential for love and connection.

- Do not trust their instincts, intuition, insights and question their intuitive nudges

- Do not have the juicy fully alive relationship with Life that they could. They forget that they are here to be fully present and engaged in life and be fully supported by Life. And they live as if they were here just to survive or perform or please others.

What I want for you to know is that:

- The essence of you is perfect, trustworthy, resourceful and beautiful beyond measure.
- You don’t need to be ashamed or scared of any feeling or desire or thought that arises inside you.
- You have all it takes to enjoy authentic fulfilling and rich connections with others.
- You have all it takes to work and create in meaningful and joyful ways.
- Whatever has happened to you in the past, whatever you have done, your capacity for joy, love and contribution are intact.
- You are perfectly capable of achieving outcomes that inspire you and make your heart sing!

I will be honored to be your companion on the journey of uncovering your True Self.

One of my greatest strengths as a coach is my ability to see your resourcefulness. I will see your strength, your resilience and your beauty and I will help you see them for yourself and discover the resources you aren't aware of yet. I know that once you start experiencing more of your True Self, your life will become easier, more peaceful, more magical, joyful and successful and your creativity will be put to a correct use.

I have Master degree in clinical psychology and have completed numerous professional coaching trainings, ranging from NLP and Enneagram to '3 Principles'. I believe that unconditional acceptance, lightheartedness and growing understanding of human nature are the most transformatonal factors.

Coaching with me

As a coach I point my clients in the direction of their innate intuition, resilience, creativity and joy as well as lovingly challenge them to take inspired action in order to have have juicy, creative and dynamic relationship with their goals and create outcomes they desire.

I love working with people who:

- have creative ideas and want to turn them into projects and outcomes

- desire more ease, inspiration and flow at work and in life

- want to tap into their natural confidence and become unstoppable

- want to love themselves more

- desire to have more satisfying and authentic relationships

- want more ease and connection in parenting

- are on a spiritual path

- are ready to break free from anxiety, depression, shame, guilt and fear

My clients say that I combine depth with lightheartedness. I love to witness what unfolds in a coaching session when we go beyond preconceived notions and limiting beliefs. I know that every person has a spark of divine wisdom in them and my job is to help this spark shine brightly and create amazing results.

I coach majority of clients through combination of weekly or bi-weekly calls and written interaction in between the calls. My clients also enjoy fun and inspiring 'homework' or exploration in between the sessions.

When a client is open to that, I like to include short relaxation/visualization during my sessions as they help to clear the mind and connect with intuition.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I offer one on one coaching in person to people who live in Cyprus or come to Cyprus for immersion retreats. I also offer coaching over skype and zoom (with or without camera, depending on client's preference)
Online coaching on skype or zoom (with or without camera, depending on client's preference) from the comfort of your home.
Short courses or group coaching
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Transactional Analysis certificate
  • NLP coaching master practitioner and trainer
  • Enneagram coaching master practitioner
  • Master's degree in clinical psychology
  • Hypnosys masterclass certificate
  • Akasha healing certificate
I am passionate about assisting others in discovering more of their potential and living with greater sense of freedom, joy and fulfillment.

Fee description

Fees: from €75 EUR to €3400 EUR

The average price for one on one coaching session (60 min.) is 75 EUR. However, packages offer favorable rates. A sliding scale can be provided on a limited basis. Contact me for more details.


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