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Katja Behrendt

Lifecoach and Trainer 
What would you do if you could not fail? Let´s find your answer together!

About me

I´m a trained Medical Doctor who has done clinical work as well as some research and consulting. As a doctor who has worked in different fields, I´m interested in people and how they can work well together to realize their vision.

Ten years ago I joined Europe´s biggest interdisciplinary student organisation AEGEE. Here I had the chance to work in many different international teams and later became a trainer in their European-wide Academy and facilitator for the general assemblies as well as conflict mediator.

After finishing my studies, I joined an international Leadership Training project as trainer, the Leadership Summer School. I joined a training for trainers with the German social business Rock Your Life!, based on Ulrich Dehners work. Rock Your Life! is giving young people from non-privileged backgrounds mentoring, my role was to provide training on self-leadership and group supervision for the mentors.

Another project I am still involved in is The Arc Training, that empowers individuals and organisations to unleash their potential by coaching and impact measurement.

I achieved my international coaching certification in may 2014 with WeCreate.


Coaching is a set of tools designed to help your to unleash you potential, to achieve a goal or to overcome a challenge.

Coaching is a lot about asking questions - don´t expect me to give advice. Next to questions, we´ll brainstorm a lot. However, the coaching will be tailored for your needs.

Coaching is a process; usually about 8-10 sessions spread over 3 months to achieve a sustainable change. At the beginning, we take a 360-degree look at your life, define a goal and then develop steps to achieve this goal. In the end you will be able to apply the methods to yourself and do self coaching.

Coaching is a lot about action, between the sessions you will work on tasks (that you choose) to further develop.

I am an internationally certified coach and I have coached people about changing their job, starting a business, finding a partner and self-leadership, both in person and via skype.
Can be done via skype or Google Hangout.
Short courses or group coaching
Every organisation depends on its people, and only if the people flourish and shine, the organisation can flourish. Coaching helps unleash the potential of leaders and teams.

How can teams work together effectively? How can change be implemented? How can work processes be structured? With coaching you can find the answers that suit your situation.

If you want to develop your leadership style, coaching helps you to define strengths and challenges and work on behavior changes so you can create a surrounding in which you empower others for the benefit of the whole organisation.

During the process, we´ll go through several phases: first, we´ll look at the current situation in the organisation and see which areas are going well and which could be improved. Then, we´ll define a goal for the coaching. Next, we use creativity techniques to come up with steps to achieve the goal. The last phase is about sustainability, to ensure the change is going to last

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $100 USD

The first session is free, and you can suggest how much you want to pay.


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