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Katrina A"Marti

Deep Holistic Coach 
NYC, New York, United States
I create powerful coaching conversations with fun, conscious, ambitious, people like you.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $9000 USD to $26000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

You haven't seen a coach like me. My subject is you; I listen and I provide the safe structure for us to find your insight together. My life and the wisdom I've gained from living and feeling it- I have been through more than you could possibly know. Life is my diploma for coaching. I am capable of drawing you into a trusting container where we will dive deep, fearlessly into your goals and dreams, and pull out what is real, and give you the clarity needed to find a path forward. Together we will discover insights and strategies you can use to up-level your game.

You won't find timers with me. I won't time our session. I don't go by the hour; I go by insight. So we will spend all afternoon or all night discussing, strategizing, meditating, until you find your powerful insight!

I have very limited availability, as I am blessed to have a full practice; but if you are an ambitious, creative, conscious person, let's chat.

Coaching with me

♥ Deep Coaching to Insight ... When We Schedule the Call, I
Have All the Time in the World For You
♥ Unapologetic, Yet Respectful Questions and Insights...You
Will Feel Safe with me, yet you will see more. I will show you
what you cannot see.
♥ Whatever you come to me for, whether business or
personal- related, I believe all Is related so each session will
be an Adventure in which we will answer the question you
come to me for...but in a way that brings more riches and
♥ That Being Said:
Please be ready to go deep and to explore what is necessary to
get to your insight.
This would NOT be a strictly strategy or laser-coaching session.
I like to take my clients down on a deeper level, so that they grow exponentially instead of growing only at the surface.
♥ You Will Create Miracles With Me, and the best part: You will be 100% owning the miracle; I will just help you get there.
♥ One session could change your life or business forever. AND First Session, while complimentary, is a full session...just like a client with an agreement...You will be treated as one of my family!
♥ I promise you have never seen a coach like me before, and that you will love it.


Deep, one-on-one coaching. Where it's just you and me within a "safe zone" we'll create together. And we'll dive into find your insight

Fee description

Fees: from $9000 USD to $26000 USD

It should not be easy to work with me; What I charge represents the magic we will do together. Moreover, my fee is just a quarter of the commitment I ask of you. Will you show up full and fearlessly and do the work? Are you a hell yes or a hell no?

Pay up front or Pay 50% down and pro-rate the rest later.


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