lifecoach $1500 USD Kelley Horton Kelley Horton I am changing life's one person at a time. Everyone deserves the best life ever.
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Kelley Horton

Certified Life & Behavioral Coach 
High Point, North Carolina, United States
I am changing life's one person at a time. Everyone deserves the best life ever.
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About me

I am specialized in many areas of coaching. I did my first training and certification in life coach and realized what if someone needs behavioral or stress management? It seemed I was asking many questions because I know what my gift is and after many years I know I am here to help people, to listen and keep balanced when they can't manage for themselves.
I have 10 years experience and still growing.

Coaching with me

- The most important thing to mention about my coaching is this: I believe that the best way to ban all negative things from your life is NOT TO FIGHT them, but to BUILD THE POSITIVE OPPOSITE. So the first thing my clients learn from me is to get to know themselves better. Because one of the most important questions I ask when dealing with something they want to dissolve is: What exactly do you want instead?

- I am a true believer in the POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS and their impact on our lives. We are what we think. And that's no woo-woo, it's SCIENTIFICALLY BASED AND PROVEN fact. By the might notice a slight obsession for science in my blog posts and courses. I am a sucker for it! Especially astronomy. The fact that our planet orbits a ball of fire and our moon makes our entire oceans move still blows my mind! I'm, sorry, where was I? Oh yes, how thoughts influence our lives!
Well positive thinking is the most powerful tool a human being has. By learning how to use them, we can turn our whole existence around.

- Now let's talk about the easiest way to start directing your thoughts in the right direction: VISUALIZATION. This is the most fun way to CONDUCT YOUR LIFE wherever you want it to go! I implement it with every client of mine because it's the quickest way to direct your thoughts. There are so many different ways of visualizing that every person finds one version that matches their likes! For sure!

- The next practice I want to mention in this list is SELF LOVE. And yes, it actually is something you can practice. It's the source of all positive thoughts. Without self love, having positive thoughts can be really tough. And it doesn't have to be!
Self love might sound as easy as standing in front of a mirror and saying the words, but it's not all that simple. You need to crack old thinking patterns, which in the past led to certain negative feeling patterns. It can take a while.

- The last of my aces up my sleeve is the art of SUCCESSFUL GOAL SETTING. Because once you figure out what it is you want in your life, it's time to REALLY get to work! And so I leave my clients with a FULL YEAR OF ACTIONABLE STEPS! Yes, you heard right! ONE. FULL. YEAR.
Unless you just want to focus on 3 or 4 areas of your life, my coaching changes your whole life in only one year. You can set up 12 goals, one goal a month. It may sound a lot, but what is one year compared to THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS?
This is what you can expect from my coaching:

- Science based information.
- Clear guidelines.
- Motivational tools.
- Inspiring examples.
- Beautiful and fun working materials.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I will offer one on one private sessions to clients who need it. I try to be flexible to their schedules when doing private sessions.
I have built a online coaching strategy for clients who have busy schedules but can take 20-30 minutes to open a coaching email with motivation and life coaching supplements to keep them going. Along with this package I can add-on text messaging and schedule phone sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
I am certified for life, relationship and mindfulness coaching. I do prefer to do this in group sessions but I can also do private sessions as well.
Ongoing training
With each package my clients feel are best for them I will always offer on-going training and techniques as the graduate therapy. There is never a closed door, once a client always a client.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching/Workshop Facilitator
  • Mindfulness Practioner
  • Life Coaching Advanced
  • Behavioral Management
- I have been working as a counselor for several years. This job taught me a lot about BEING A GOOD LEADER, not a boss, being a TEAM PLAYER, being ORGANIZED, ENVISION A NEW PROJECT and many other things. But most importantly they taught how important it is to have a POSITIVE WORKING SPACE, HAPPY CO-WORKERS and that THE FIRST STEP TO TAKING CARE OF OTHERS IS TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Does work-life-balance ring a bell? Exactly.

- My RESEARCH OF HAPPINESS, the purpose of life and other basic human questions began WHEN I WAS 16 (!!). My father had died suddenly and I started questioning my whole existence, while other girls my age were focussing on thing like if their shoes matched their purses. *great time as a teenager*

- A few years later, I read a BOOK ON THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS and how they could change our lives. I had a huge aha-moment and started studying several teachers and their teachings. Wallace Wattles, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols. Just to name a few. The more I learned about HOW SCIENTIFIC THE APPROACH of positive thinking was, the more I loved and practiced it. And the more I did THAT, the higher my happiness and success levels became. ;)

- That was when I decided that I wanted to teach as many people as I could all that I had researched. UNFORTUNATELY, this knowledge is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND NEAR OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. And so the best way to make sure people learn this is by TEACHING THEM FURTHER ALONG THEIR LIVES. The idea of becoming a Happiness and Life Coach was born. 5 years ago my dream reached a new level when I finished my studies and got my COACHING Certification.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $1500 USD

My fee structure is based on what the needs are per client which is assessed on the first intake visit.


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