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Kelli Cooper

Conscious Creation Coach 
Sayreville, New Jersey, United States

A law of attraction coach for those who prioritize happiness knowing the 'stuff' comes anyway!

OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me

My name is Kelli Cooper and studying the law of attraction changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. In my own journey, many things became very obvious to me that might not be so obvious to other people, namely the vast difference between the theory and 'reality' of manifesting. Like any theory the former doesn't take into account real world conditions, and what I like to call the 'human factor.' Just believing it is a real 'thing' usually isn't enough for the average person.

So I focus a lot on transforming these other aspects of energy that need to be tended to in order to see true, lasting transformation. 

Originally from NJ, my husband and I have been traveling the world since 2011, funding our adventures with successful online businesses. This was my greatest manifestation by far! 

I began coaching in 2014 and I couldn't imagine a more fulfulling career. I love sharing my insights to help people improve their lives.

My ideal client is interested in prioritizing emotional well-being, happiness and emotional healing, knowing the stuff our mind wants STILL COMES this way too! The journey of just trying to get stuff I didn't have was super painful and even when I got it, I never felt much different. 

When I got to the true roots of my discontent, I finally started getting what I was really after--the feelings! And again, the stuff comes too...has no choice. You just don't focus and stress about it as much and that's much nicer way to manifest. 

I'm all about having fun on this journey, and don't think personal growth should be taken so seriously. If you want a straight-shooter and are truly ready for your life to change, I think you'll enjoy working with me! 


Coaching with me


Deal with the energetic 'ick' that created the unwanted circumstances so you can see faster change and also stop trying to manifest from a space of pain-minimization. This just keeps you focused on what you don't want and sets a low bar for what you're willing to accept into your life.

Prioritize general vibration management to help create the core feelings that lie at the root of all the specific things you want to see in your life. This creates movement in all areas without so much specific focus on them, which just creates tension

Understand the role your mind's dysfunction plays and how to keep it from dominating your energy

How to 'want' without 'needing.' No sweeter feeling for the conscious creator.

Create lasting energetic transformation that will lead to consistent change in your reality

How to feel better now regardless of what's happening or what you are 'lacking' now


I am all about going deep and getting a bit 'radical' but in a good way.

While I emphasize facing and processing your negative emotion on the deepest levels, I do not think personal development is some serious thing where we are constantly facing off against our pain. 

I am super-empathetic to all the human foibles inherent in all of us, but I will tell it like it is with love. 

When talking about things about which I am passionate, my language can get a bit salty so you shouldn't have a problem with cursing. People seem to quite enjoy it actually! 

I create a space of complete openness and no judgment so I encourage you to share your deepest, darkest, 'ugliest' parts of yourself--being willing to go there allows for amazing energetic transformation and healing.

I like to have fun and I'm very down to earth. The most common reason people tell me they love my work is because of how genuine and 'real' I am. 



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10 Weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions (recorded so you can listen to them again anytime)

Personalized assignments that come with each call

Daily check-ins from me M-F

Unlimited email support inbetween sessions


Experience, Certifications and Training


I started coaching in 2014. Like many people, pain and discontent put me on the personal growth 'track' and no other teaching or subject matter came close to transforming my life the way the law of attraction diid. I have applied its principles in many areas, from health to weight loss to finances. Our inner world truly does create our outer experience but there are so many misconceptions about the teaching and it leads people to struggle unnecessarily. 

Beyond getting 'stuff' studying the law of attraction has helped me deal with deep emotional pain, anxiety and depression. It has strenghtened by connection to spirit and has created a greater sense of peace in my life because it made me realize so many of the fearful, painful beliefs most of us carry around simply aren't true. 

While I love 'stuff' as much as the next guy I've moved away from simply trying to make surface changes in my energy just to allow it in. Prioritizing emotional well-being and happiness was the much better routet and cultivated energies that were perfect matches to these desires so they came anyway. So no need to worry or think about that all so much. 

Fee description

Fees: to $3500 USD

Sessions are paid for in full before starting.


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