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Kellie Best

Certified Coaches Alliance, NCTMB 
Georgetown, Texas, United States
Learn my Technique to Enjoy the RIDE! I 5 week program to get you where you want to be, Fast!
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FEES from $85 USD to $300 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, Thank you for your inquiring about me. My Name is Kellie. It is my intention to walk you through your personal transformation. I have used the last 30 years to develop a technique that is effective and will get your desired results quickly. The RIDE Technique that will have you recognize , idnetify, design and execute actions that will overcome the challenges that have been holding you back. In 5 weeks you will be on the path to your destiny and carry with you a meathod that will enhance your success! You can start the change today. Just reach out!

Coaching with me


Effective Coaching requires listening and understanding while helping to identify and prioritize the appropriate actions needed for achieving objectives and sucessful outcomes.

Lazer Coaching-  One 60 min session a week we can:

                     *Develop a Focus Goal

                     *Define an Action Plan

                     *Review Expectaions and Challenges

                     *Acknowledge Achievements

Now there is a plan you can live with. Pay as you go and get what you need when you need it. Scheduling and paying on line for your sessions so all you have to do is show up and transform!

Available for Face Time,What's App, and Messanger as well as audio sessions.


Honest, clear and casual.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


60 min sessions once a week for 5 weeks. Focused sessions designed to get desired results fast. Gone are the long commitments to coaching without getting the desired results. The intention is to get you on the road to success quickly and efficiently.

Affordable rates allow the options of frequent sessions will add balance and support as you are guided through healing at your own pace.

 Put your feelings first. The rest will fall into place. 

Start NOW! Free consutlation 45 min session get clear on your Goal, take action and get results.


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Board Certified Massage and Bodyworker
  • Registered Surgical Dental Assistant Texas
  • Certified Life Coach/ Emotional Intelligence
  • National certification Board Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork




Texas Art of Massage LLC/ Infused Vibe -Georgetown Tx. Feb 2014 – Present Owner/Life Coach and Emotion Intelligence Coach/Massage Therapist

Massage Heights Georgetown Tx. Apr 2013 – Mar 2014 Lead Therapist

Everest University Kalamazoo MI Oct 2011-June 2012 Lead Massage Therapy Instructor/ Life Coaching Instructor

 Art of Massage Farmington NM Owner/Life Coach/Therapist Oct 2006 – Aug 2011

Palmer Chiropractic Muskegon MI Jan 2003 – Nov 2006 Life Coach/Massage Therapist

Dr. Zvi Sella Nephrologist Las Vegas NV Jan 2002- Nov 2002 clinical assistant

Dr. Leo Germin Neurologist- Las Vegas NV Clinical Neurology Specialist- Massage Therapist/ EEG Tech Apr 2001 – Nov 2001

Spine Neurosurgical and Rehabilitation Center of Austin Austin TX Massage Therapist

Feb 1997- June 1999


  • The Coach Training Academy 2020      Life Coach/ Emotional Intelligence Certification


•  University Texas Health Science Center 2012

            Dental Assistant Registration

Lauterstien and Conway School of Massage/ A New Beginning 1997-1998

            Certified Massage Therapist

•  Wholistic Inner works 2006-2007

            Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage

• University Southern Colorado 1988-2002

            Field of Study Paralegal science



Currently seving as a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Inteligence Therapist. Helping clients recognize and understand their emotions and emotions of others. Identifying the challenges that are holding them back from thier success. 

Licensed as a Massage Therapist in 1997 I gained further education and clinical experience as a Massage Therapist for a multiple disciplinary group, Austin Spine and Neurosurgical Center.

My experience as a Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Body worker for the last 23 years has allowed me to explore many facets of Massage. Helping patients achieve the most optimal outcome physically, emotionally and Spiritually.   


The foundation built in Western Medical Theory following the American Medical Association guidelines as a medical assistant in Neurology and Nephrology, as well as through the American Dental Association guidelines as a Certified Dental Assistant. Interacting and explaining terminology and medical procedure on a level of understanding and support for clients I was able to recognize and relate to their needs and help devise a clear plan to integrate a healthy lifestyle that was achievable and satisfying.


Further studies led to educating in Eastern Theories of Healing. Studying Shamanism at Holistic Inner works in Farmington Nm for 6 years. These effective practices compelled me to incorporating Tui Na, acupressure, reflexology, polarity, herbalism and nutrition to my evolving skill set as a therapist.


Discovering many common threads between Eastern and Western theories of healing. My practice consists of focusing on the balance while finding the root cause of the ailment, while maintaining focus on the positive mindset in being goal orientated.


I look forward to discussing how my education and experience can be an asset to your company and your clients.



Life is about feeling just requires balance.


Thank you for your time and consideration


Kellie Fuller -NBCTMB, Certified Life Coach and Emotional Inteligence Therapist.

Fee description

Fees: from $85 USD to $300 USD

My fee schedule:

Free consultation- Let's get focused!

1-60 min session for 5 weeks including a 

Follow up


Pay as you Go. $85 an hour. Charges will apply for missed or canceled appointments within 24 hours notice of scheduled times.


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