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Kenneth Green

D.D. mDiv, Personal Life Expert 
Denver, Colorado, United States

A life coach who specializes in difficult cases!

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About me

I am a person who has had to learn how to overcome a great deal of adversity within my own life. These lessons that I've learned are what gives me a unique perspective and ability to help a variety of clients!

Coaching with me


Many problems that most people encounter are simply perception issues. When we are able to filter through our perceptions and weigh them on the undeniable scales of truth in the world, can we begin to live in ways where we experience true freedom and excellence? My goal is to help people face the adversity that every human has to face, but leap over them and be better human beings.


I believe in the spiritual and I respect every life path on earth. However if your a true atheist and don't want to hear some spiritual things then I'm not the coach for you. I seek to only tell the truth, I do not believe that I can be of help to you unless I can be honest with you! I will not sugar coat anything, but I am a believer that I can get further with honey instead of vinegar. I like to create customized plans of service for each customer, so what may be in one client's plan may not be in yours!


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Private Coaching Clients are persons who reside in the Denver Metro Area who want a one on one life coaching experience. Private coaching plans include two in-person meetings per month and one line meeting per month. We also make our team available for private clients 24/7!


Online Coaching clients prefer to do the coaching process online whether due to convenience or due to distance. Online clients receive three private sessions every calendar month at one hour per session, and also receive access to any online groups or seminars we hold!

Short courses or group coaching

Our short courses or groups are for people who may learn better in groups or want to learn one short skill. For groups, persons may pay a once a year cost to have access to any of our online groups at any time! Seminar or courses are on a course by course basis!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified NLP Practitioner, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
  • Certified Life Coach, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Ken Green was born in Denver Colorado to two developmental disabled parents who taught him a great valuable lesson in life. His parents left to him a spiritual legacy of faith, prayer and worship that would follow him all his life.

Because of his parents unique background he was born with not only debilitating mental disabilities but physical ones. He has learned to depend on God his entire life for his supply! He learned that the power of life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

He has overcome where others have stated he would fail. He has gone on to enjoy a life full of happiness and joy. Is life easy? Nothing is too hard when you have faith, but like everyone else he has his moments from time to time.

I want to teach you that happiness is in a taught skill. The skill is simply realization. Realizing that everything you need to be happy is already within you!

I get it, Life is rough! You can look at my personal blog here and you can tell that I have had a rough life. 

Diabetes (Advanced)

Congestive Heart Failure

Kidney Failure

Heart Disease

Hypo Endocrine Problems


But I dont claim them anymore. I may not have realized my healing in this realm, but It’s already sealed and done on the other side of the veil! 

I mentioned them to let you know I have been THROUGH THE RINGER health wise. I know i’m a young men (a few months shy of of 40 yrs old don’t I look young?)   Even so I still learn from others, and I know the value of mentors. I have a spiritual mentor on text speed dial, and my business mentor on text speed dial and even my lifecoaching mentor on email speed dial!)


Fee description

Fees: from $15 USD to $120 USD

For Our Group Sessions, Only our Prices start at $15 a month for access to all our group sessions.

Online Coaching Begins at $29.99 a month for two sessions a month and unlimited group sessions and goes up to $98.99 for our full service which includes 3 One Hour Private Sessions and unlimited access to our groups.


In person, Coaching starts at $49.99 per month which includes a single one-on-one session and unlimited online group access all the way to $119.99 per month which includes three one-on-one sessions and unlimited groups.


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