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Kishor Tewary

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Life & Relationship coaching
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About me

I am a senior clinician, and a Life/Relationship coach. I have obtained my coaching certification from world famous 'Robins Madanes Coaching Institute', and I am a member of 'Association for Coaching'.

Working with NHS for over 17 years, I have been serving the human lives for decades, and had a chance to look at the issues from a close aspect. 'A healthy being' is my passion, and it is my greatest pleasure to offer my skills towards it.

I have been providing my free coaching services through '' website to the community from all over the world, and been able to bring joy to many of the lives/relationships.I have also coached many doctors in need as well as working professionals.

I am one of the few coaches who work through 'Human needs Theory' and 'Strategic Intervention' the unique unique in making an individual aware of their true potentials, strengths, and limitations,. My work is centred around bringing leverage, and empowering individuals towards making necessary positive and rewarding changes to their life/relationships. I also use 'Goal' model for personal empowerment, and performance where needed.

I believe every human being has got immense resources to deal with hardest of the issue in the world, and it just needs a little shift in their perception, making them recognise this potential , and be empowered to take necessary actions.

Coaching with me

My coaching work is primarily coachee based where the client serves as 'his own master' while being facilitated by me to bring an empowering shift to their identity, life- references, values and beliefs.

I enable them to use the references of 'pain and pleasure' of their life to their success and happiness, rather than them being used by these life references.
My work is based on 'Elicitation of Human needs' and 'Strategic Intervention tool'. While we often live an unhappy life not knowing about our true needs, Strategic Intervention empowers a client/couple to look at their problems with a new context, and find the new options towards their fulfilment.

I also work through 'Goal' model where a specific target is to be achieved, or the client is unclear about what they want in their life!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I offer my coaching through skype/telephone. Hence the distance is never a problem, and you can access me even if you are based on other part of the world.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MB BS
  • Life Coaching certification, RMT
  • MAC ( Member of Association for Coaching, UK)
  • Relationship coaching certification- RMT
  • MD
  • Diploma in Corporate and Executive coaching (ongoing)
Having worked as a senior clinician in a developing country, I had to turn the wheel upside down again with a move to a developed world. I have pleasure of re-defining myself right from scratch, now working as a senior clinician & Life/Relationship coach in the UK.

Working with children for over 27 years, I have seen the most divine and innate human qualities. My passion is to bring an ultimate happiness to the human being where everybody can live a fulfilling and passionate life, and pass it on to the future generations in a stress free , loving and cultivating environment.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $150 USD

Your investment towards the exercise is-

Single sessions- £40/each

Package of 4 sessions- £150. This includes a free introductory session at beginning, and a wrap up session towards the end.


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