lifecoach $500 USD Kohava Howard Kohava Howard Kohava Howard , lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, facilitator, spiritual teacher for women.
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Kohava Howard

LPN, LYYD,Somatic Therapy, Holistic 
Buffalo, New York, United States
Kohava Howard , lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, facilitator, spiritual teacher for women.

FEES from $100 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

facilitator, spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, empowering mentor and passionate artist. She’s an experienced nurse with over 25 years in the field, with a passion for helping individuals to believe that in order to heal the body we have to start within; our thoughts, emotions and our personal way of seeing life is connected to and affects our physical state. Therefore, exercise also starts from the inside out. Most of us have spent our lives focusing solely on exercising our muscles and leave out important physiological aspects that will help and improve the body as a whole. Kohava has many qualifications and certifications including: Holistic Practitioner,Reiki Master , reflexology therapy, and Registered Aromatherapist. Also, Certified to teach, ” Let Your Yoga Dance”, “Let Your Yoga Dance For Special Populations”,” Rainbow Kids Yoga”, “Brain Gym”,and Somatic Therapy. She teaches guided meditation and the chakra system. She specializes in blending all of her therapeutic modalities, expertise, strength, and experience helping women in creating space for self-care. Her goal for all her clients is that they will reach their highest potential by finding their inner unique strength that enhances health and well being-which starts from within. The finder of the program: Emerging Vibrant Woman ~ The Five Pathways to Empower & Awaken Your Feminine Soul.


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Holistic life coaching- Are you a vibrant & wise woman over 40 going trough life transitions, would you like to know …
How to untangle old patterns, annoying habits, overwhelming thinking, inner critic..?
Do you find yourself giving much of yourself to others and over-doing things in your life to the point where you feel exhausted and stressed?
Would you like to Awaken and Empower your Feminine Soul?
Are you ready to embrace a Healthy transformation?
Kohava will guide you on how to listen to your body wisdom, its ability to heal itself and immersing yourself in all of the qualities, talents, and abilities that you are creating for growth. In a session with Kohava, she intuitively uses therapeutic and holistic art modalities.
This is provoking, experiential, empowering, playful, and contemplative one-on-one mentoring program designed to heighten your awareness, enabling you to experience a unique personal metamorphosis starting from within.

You will begin to make sense of your inner journey and life’s purpose.

You will see quick results, feel clear and empowered.

You will learn how to transform your vulnerabilities into strengths.

You will learn to untangle yourself from habitual patterns that don’t serve you.

You will reconnect, embrace and heal your body.

You will understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose.
Short courses or group coaching
Emerging Vibrant Woman ~ The Five Pathways to Empower & Awaken Your Feminine Soul.
Finding balance during this amazing time of transition poses a challenge! Is it possible to transcend these times of change with ease and inner peace?
Are you ready to face the shadows that hold you back to live authentic life?
Do you yearn for more clarity and answers?

You will:
~ Release painful shadows from the past;
~Rediscover your authentic self
~Reclaim your beautiful inner feminine power.
~Understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose.
The outline:

Week 1 ~ The First Pathway
Reconnect ~ with your feminine passion and find self-awareness

– The caterpillar stage: We are looking for answers, hungering for knowledge, and looking for a clear path.

Week 2 ~ The Second Pathway
Mind, body and soul clean up ~ release fears and doubts

– The cocoon stage: We are going within to find answers, embracing and loving the fear so you can let it go.

Week 3 ~ The Third Pathway
Self reflection ~ reclaiming your shadow

– The cocoon stage: By revealing the shadows and wounds, we will begin the healing process.

Week 4 ~ The Fourth Pathway
Be clear ~ rediscover your voice, vision, goals and power

– The cocoon stage: By cracking out of our shells we begin to look for new, exciting adventures to pursue.

Week 5 ~ The Fifth Pathway
Emerging vibrant woman ~ make it happen, live your dream

– The Butterfly Stage: Let change become your new beginning! By using your intuition, you become fully connected to your inner guidance and gain an intimate knowledge of your authentic self.

~ Empower Your Mind with writing ~ Embrace Your True Self with creativity ~

~ Evolve from Within through movements~

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD

Free 1/2 hour session for the first time
hour and a half $100
5 weeks $475 for the full program on line clients


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