lifecoach $500 USD Kohava Howard Kohava Howard An intuitive empath entrepreneur, helping courageous women in transition to flourish with ease.
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Kohava Howard

life coach, Holistic LPN, RAHP 
Buffalo, New York, United States

An intuitive empath entrepreneur, helping courageous women in transition to flourish with ease.

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FEES from $100 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Kohava Howard an intuitive empath entrepreneur, the founder of “emerging vibrant woman” and the leader of "the soul sisterhood collective" As an introvert empath, I know the struggle and challenges of being seen as an authentic feminine leader. My passion and mission, leading and mentoring women spiritual empaths, who are experiencing life’s challenges and in transition, to build a courageous mindset and overcome limiting beliefs, so they can happily flourish, thrive, grow, and fearlessly lead an automatic life to achieve success with ease.

A lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, empowerment empath life coach, women circle facilitator, a holistic nurse with 37 years of experience,  spiritual teacher, yoga dance and somatic therapy instructor

 with a passion for helping individuals to believe that in order to heal the body we have to start within; our thoughts, emotions, and our personal way of seeing life are connected to and affect our physical body.

Therefore, exercise also starts from the inside out. Most of us have spent our lives focusing solely on exercising our muscles and leave out important physiological aspects that will help and improve the body as a whole. Kohava has many qualifications and certifications including Holistic Practitioner,Reiki Master healer, reflexology therapy, and Registered Aromatherapist. Also, Certified to teach, ” Let Your Yoga Dance”, “Let Your Yoga Dance For Special Populations”,” Rainbow Kids Yoga”, “Brain Gym”, and Somatic Therapy. She teaches guided meditation and the chakra system.

She specializes in blending all of her therapeutic modalities, expertise, strength, and experience helping women in creating space for self-care. Her goal for all her clients is that they will reach their highest potential by finding their inner unique strength that enhances health and well being-which starts from within. 

Coaching with me


I help my client achieve:

1. Get organized & prioritizing

2. Communicate effectively & with ease

3. Set health boundaries

4. Overcome limiting beliefs

5. Be courageous to dare and try new things

6. Reducing/eliminating Fear and doubt

7. Develop self-confidence and pursuit of passion

8. Release past shame and guilt

9. Stop overthinking

10. Be assertive

11. Lead your life and others

12. Staying in the present moment

13. stop old habits

14. Stay Motivated

15. Navigate through life with purpose

16. "Who am I, I Am....." find you again

17. You deserve more you or enough

18. Face life transitions with courage

19. Develop your small business


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I serve you virtually through a zoom meeting or a phone call

1.I offer a privet 1:1 coaching option for individual sessions or packages of 4 or more.

2. group coaching program for thriving feminine empath at service

“Transform your daring mindset in 7 weeks”

3. online women circle gathering- twice a month







Empowerment empath life coaching- for woman who is going through life transitions, and would you like to know … How to untangle old patterns, annoying habits, overwhelming thinking, inner critic..? Do you find yourself giving much of yourself to others and over-doing things in your life to the point where you feel exhausted and stressed? Would you like to Awaken and Empower your Feminine Soul? Are you ready to embrace a Healthy transformation?

Kohava will guide you on how to listen to your body wisdom, its ability to heal itself, and immerse yourself in all of the qualities, talents, and abilities that you are creating for growth.

In a session with Kohava, she intuitively leade you to revile the limiting beliefs that hold you back on your path, and help you to find the tools to untangle yourself from habitual patterns that don’t serve you so you can achieve success.

This mentoring program designed to heighten your awareness, enabling you to experience a unique personal metamorphosis starting from within. You will begin to make sense of your inner journey and life’s purpose. You will see quick results, feel clear, and empowered. You will learn how to transform your vulnerabilities into strengths. You will reconnect, embrace, and heal your body. You will understand and make sense of your own inner journey and life purpose.




Short courses or group coaching

a group coaching program for thriving feminine empath at service

“Transform your daring mindset in 7 weeks”


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Let Your Yoga Dance For Special Populations, Teacher certification
  • Life coaching
  • Let your yoga dance Teacher certification
  • Somatic therapy Teacher certification
  • Solution base life coaching
  • Holistic practitioner
  • Nursing
  • meditation
  • chakra balancing
  • Reiki master healer
  • reflexology
  • yoga for kids and family
  • Brain gym
  • Aromatherapy
  • “Rosh Hodesh It’s A Girl Thing” Group Leader certification

I was born and lived in Israel for 30 years, Then Moved to North America 25 years ago, Married for 25 years, with two beautiful children a 20 years old lady a second year in college and 18-year men on his way to college. and two standard poodles- Oreo and Nero. since then I move twice more in-between states.

 Already 37 years working as a nurse, since I served in the Israeli army.

I have my coaching/holistic practice (locally and virtually) for already 17 years.


It is my pleasure serving and helping you grow and flourish as I did.




Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD

first time 30min free session

one hour session $100

4 weeks coaching+support- package $475 



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