lifecoach $125 USD Laurious Jenkins Laurious Jenkins Our desire is to help clients with all capacities of their wellbeing, in every stage of life.
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Laurious Jenkins

Certified Life Coach 
Chester, Virginia, United States

Our desire is to help clients with all capacities of their wellbeing, in every stage of life.


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About me

My name is Laurious Jenkins, of Refined Reflections LLC., we specialize in helping individuals to advance their lives through positive training and experienced guidance. We desire to bring life to difficult circumstances by shifting negative living to positive being. 

My vast experience and gifting have been essential to my client’s development. Through positive spiritual and internal self-work, I have excelled above my own previous struggle with depression and PTSD. I possess a warm and caring nature that allows me to connect with our clients.

I have personally developed a process called, “Internal Self Cores, (ISC).” The ISC is the central building blocks or cores of who you are as a person. This process has been extremely helpful in uncovering lingering issues and shedding light on areas that need focus and alignment in our client’s lives. We cover many additional topics from sexuality to starting your own business. Together, we can attain the goals that you set out to reach in life. Please visit our website for additional information.


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Fees: from $45 USD to $125 USD


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