lifecoach $120 USD Leah Burkhart Leah Burkhart I help HSP and introverts to improve in the areas of health, relationships, work and money
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Leah Burkhart

Concord, California, United States
I help HSP and introverts to improve in the areas of health, relationships, work and money
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FEES from $44 USD to $120 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am an enthusiastic, quirky and highly curious person. I would say my secret super-power is figuring out what OTHER people's super-power is. I work with those who identify as being "highly sensitive people" (HSP) to improve their lives, create a sense of balance, and feel more at home in their own skin. As a highly sensitive person, myself, I know how challenging it can be to fully engage and connect in the world...without getting overwhelmed in the process. So often, HSP's and introverts feel like they either need to close shop and turn into hermits OR share all of themselves but find themselves paying for it with their health. It took me a while, but I figured out how to walk that surprisingly fine line. Now I want to help others to do the same.


I coach over the phone. The first foundation session is complimentary. It allows us to get to know one another and decide if we are a good fit. From there, all check-in sessions are 40 - 45 minutes in length.

I do 3-month; 6-month, and 12-month packages
In between sessions, I stay on top of my client's goals online. I provide unlimited emails and texting and make sure to provide organization, accountability and support throughout the duration of our work together (on and off the phone)
Short courses or group coaching
I offer self-paced courses and live group courses. The courses cover content that covers areas in health, relationships, work and finance.

Fee description

Fees: from $44 USD to $120 USD

Clients can select from the following options:

Monthly: (1 session per month with unlimited texting/Email) $120 ($120/session)
3-Month: (9 sessions over the course of 3 - 4 months) $595 ($67/session)
6-Month: (18 sessions over the course of 6 - 7 months) $995 ($55/session)
12-Month (36 sessions over the course of 12 - 13 months) $1595 ($44/session)


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