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Lenka Hanzelova

MSc Bus.Psych, NLP Mas.Prac, Hypn.  

Rapidly effective, tailored one-on-one and group solutions for individuals and workplaces.


Hypnotherapist NLP coach

FEES from $140 USD to $1300 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I provide one on one and group sessions to clients face to face in London and remotely via Skype. I also lead workshops and talks about topics of mind empowerment.

I’m a ‘Mindworks’ specialist with over 10 years’ experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them address what isn’t working for them and enabling them to be in a place of new-found freedom and happiness.

I started my career in Melbourne, Australia where I trained in business and marketing. Following my interest in psychology I later completed my Masters of Science in Business Psychology in London and progressed to a career of training, coaching employees and leaders of organisations, enabling them achieve their full potential. During this time I participated in various personal development and holistic health programmes and traveled extensively, predominantly in USA and third world countries in Asia and Africa. This was fueled by my inquisitive mind about the world, and cultures as well as my personal quest for a solution to stop my anxieties caused by childhood trauma and later abusive relationship.

 During this time I found NLP and IEMT both of which changed my life. After only a few sessions my anxieties were gone and I felt free again. I was so amazed by the rapid effectiveness and transformational power of this work that I became a practitioner of these techniques and more.

I now help people to be free of what’s not working in their life and what is holding them back, enabling them to live a life that is true to them.

 I also deliver training on topics of stress, mind management, avoiding burnout, coaching, leadership and management and I coach employees and leaders in organisations, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


MSc Business Psychology

Coaching Diploma
Clinical Hypnotherapy
NLP Master Practitioner
Time Line Techniques Practitioner
Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner
MBTI Psychometric Testing
Saville Wave Psychometric Assessment
The British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A &B Test User
Bachelor of Business



Single Session
A powerful shift in a blink of an eye
If you need a quick fix, a powerful session that will shift something within, including overcoming a phobia, then this is a session for you.

 Each session causes rapid change. After just one session you will feel more free, happier and closer to the real empowered you.

 You can book 1-2.5 hours session with me.
Packages to help every individual make positive changes

This package consists of 4 x 1.5 hour sessions over 4-8 weeks. It enables you to look at what is not working, clear up negative emotional triggers from the past, and plan for your future, empowered and free. Suitable for those who are looking to make change within their behaviors and habits and move closer to the life that is true to them.*


This package of 8 x 1.5 hour sessions taken over 8 – 16 weeks will enable you to go deep into a number of issues, eliminate negative emotions and facilitate change within thoughts, feelings and behaviors, creating a lasting impact in your life. It is suitable for those looking to shift a number of things within in more than just one area of their life.*


This package consists of 12 x 1.5 hour sessions taken over 3-6 months. It allows you to heal emotional wounds form the past and create a real transformation in your life that enables you to live the true essence of you, empowered and free. You will lift your mask that life has provided you with, give up your fears and you will find your inner calmness and happiness, defrazzled mind leading to your peaceful authentic life.*

 *There is a questionnaire and some pre-work to complete before the first session. This enables us to create a tailored package that is designed just for you, focusing on your specific needs unique just to you. This needs to be completed fully before your first session. You will be given some work to do between the sessions to enable you to make lasting change.

Change Your Life In Just One to Two Days with Breakthrough Session
**Available only face to face

Do you feel you want to make change fast? Why wait for months or years, when it can happen in one day.

 Why choose this session?

You feel a lack of confidence and are scared to be who you want to be
You worry all the time, you feel overwhelmed, anxious, have panic attacks or the most unexplained fears
You want to lose weight but no matter what you do it’s just not happening and you just can’t figure out why and make a change for good
You got a promotion and you are trembling at the thought of it. You want to feel confident but you just don’t know how you are going to make it
You are in a cycle of issues from childhood and past baggage and you just can’t break free
You experienced trauma or abuse, perhaps you even have PTSD and no matter what you do, it keeps haunting you, the memories, the images, and you just wish you could break free. You don’t want it to effect you anymore
You are constantly trying to survive financially or are in the cycle of making money, loosing money, and you just don’t know why. You want to break free and have abundance.

Who is this session right for?

 If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to wait, who wants fast results and big shifts instantly than this is a session for you!

 The Breakthrough Session is an intensive session lasting 3-7 hours where you will uncover the root cause of the problem, the unconscious triggers that are holding you back, the events in the past where these triggers were created, release any negative emotions, understand why a certain cycle in your life keeps re-appearing, find and clear any limiting decisions and unhelpful beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward and having what you want in life.

 We work with the unconscious so many of the barriers are internal and you are not aware of it. Often you only see the result, the effect of what is in the unconscious, such as negative feelings and emotions, unhelpful behaviour, certain patterns in life reappearing.

 This session is unique to you and therefore will be structured according to your specific needs.

 A structure of a typical session is

 Stage One

The breakthrough session starts with initial consultation about what you are working on. You are explained more details about the session and what you need to prepare. You also establish what the final result needs to look like so it is specific and measurable.
About two weeks prior to the day you are given a pre-work to do. This usually consists of answering few questions and keeping a diary. This is determined according to what breakthrough we are working towards.
Stage Two - On the day

You are explained the whole process and the breaks so you are comfortable with and you know what happens during the day.
You are asked questions that go in-depth and lead to understanding of anything that is relevant to the issue.
You discuss what the end result will look like, what will it look like when the issue is not there anymore.
Through various processes the root cause of the problem is identified - any past events, any negative emotions, limiting decisions, inner conflicts, conflict of values, inner unhelpful dialogue.
These are then cleared one by one through various processes of Time Line Technique, IEMT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Hero’s journey. Any processes used are explained.
Any further inner conflicts are then seeked and cleared.
The change, new feelings, actions, thoughts, behaviours and goals are embedded through time line.
The change is further sealed through hypnosis.
Stage Three - afterwards

 A follow up conversation is scheduled to check in how you are doing and to ensure all changes are in place and you are living your empowered life.


Empowering you step to step on your personal, professional or business journey to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals. 

Short courses or group coaching

I deliver courses, workshops and talks for the public and in the corporate sector on topics of:

Stress and Mind management
Coaching and Mentoring skills
Leadership and Management
Performance Improvement
Avoiding Burnout
Train the Trainer
Team building

Team building using MBTI

I am also a coach using psychometric tools - MBTI, Saville Wave and Papi

Fee description

Fees: from $140 USD to $1300 USD

$140 p/hr 

Breakthrough session up to $1300 depending on the hours required.


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