lifecoach $1500 USD Leroy Allen Leroy Allen I am a celebrated Life and Business coach , and Visionary that is committed to personal growth .
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Leroy Allen

Master Life & Business Coach  
Reisterstown, Maryland, United States
I am a celebrated Life and Business coach , and Visionary that is committed to personal growth .

About me

I am a celebrated Life & Business coach , and Visionary that like to help potential clients and registered clients tap in to their highest potential. I believe the power of transformation starts with his or her ability to take action. ( For Every Action There Is A Reaction). My clients can expect to receive a balance approach of rapport building and a new found relationship that they can depend on long after the sessions are over. Each session will last for one hour , and I offer several packages that will be discussed during the first consultation.

Coaching with me

I help clients receive personal growth and development in areas of finance , credit restoration, business credit , insurance , relationship building , achieve goals , communication, customer service training , sales training , team building, and conflict resolution.
I like to coach with illustrations ,strategic planning and a collaboration of resources that allow me to offer my clients different options.


I provide one on one coaching that is designed to enhance the life of each client with power pack information and resources that ultimately make ones life better.
Online coaching is provided to give the client more than one option of communicating at the time that they choose.
Short courses or group coaching
Short courses or group coaching is provided through my new online Life & Business coach school. The Life Enhancement Institute . I offer 10 week courses that cover the needs of the group.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training is provided as need by the client or group. Details will be provided during the first consultation.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master Life Coach Certification
  • Business Coach Certification
  • Certified Credit & Debt Counselor
  • Certified Public Speaker / Trainer
  • Marketing Business Development Degree
  • Business Coach Training
  • Credit & Debt Training
  • Public Speaking & Trainer Training
  • Law of Attraction Training
  • Master Life Coach Training
I graduated from high school in the 11th grade rather than the 12th grade and no body in my family graduated from the 11th grade but me. everyone else graduated in the 12th grade , I raised two daughters as a single father and both of them are at the age of 23 and 24 today. Also three years prior to this very date I was living with out a stable income. I know what it mean not to have any money in the bank with no idea where your next dollar will come from.

Fee description

Fees: from $257 USD to $1500 USD

257.00 for Life Coaching and 1500.00 for Business Coaching


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