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Lindsey Sherwin

Relationship + Creative Coach  
NYC, New York, United States
Inspired to support her clients in feeling heard, valued, and connected to others. Lindsey practices

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About me


I am a board certified drama therpist and Relationship Coach using Expressive Arts Therapy and counseling to help support clients to express themselves and develop their identity. 

I will support to feel heard, valued, and connected to others through a human-centered approach providing a range of therapeutic techniques that cultivate personal development,self-awareness, relational learning and guidance while being intentional about re-centering them in rediscovering  who you are, fostering identity, and empowering you to be who you choose to be in the world.

I am passionate about bringing creativity and imagination through the use of metaphors to coaching and wellness/relational awareness and personal development work.

I use a combination of art, drama dance movement, and poetry therapy, existential, spiritual, somatic embodiment, mindfulness, gestalt, motivational interviewing, CBT, relational psychology, and reality based approaches throughout my sessions.




Coaching with me


Lindsey helps her clients understand how to become independent empowered and emotionally aware creators of their world and heal their relationships in a co-collaborative and confidential space.

She shares her voice to begin to remedy how one feels about themselves and their state, supporting them in developing their own empathy and emotional guidance system to rebuild and repair as well as engage their relationships with self and others. 

Her insights into the human condition and the profound need for healing, self-compassion, empathy, and human connection, inspire her clients to awaken their hearts, illuminate their patterns, recognize their triggers, reduce them and meet them with ease  while taking a step forward towards self-care and relational repair.


I like to work with clients using a person-centered humanistic approach in addition to being directive and intentional. I use my training in bodywork and somatic embodiment to support others in becoming their own authentic selves, be more spontaneous, imaginative in creating their new narrative, and make consciously aware decisions in their lives that guide them towards their goals and highest life condition.  


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In our relationship coaching sessions we will: 


  • Discuss your needs and help you find clarity in what kind of relationship you would like to cultivate in your life


  • Use creative and body based coaching techniques, as I will guide you throughout our session as we work on enhancing skills and improving areas of communication and interpersonal development skills 


  • Empowerment Boundaries and Establishing Standards with others


  • Values clarification


  • Address the inner critic 

45 min sessions 

3 month packages are available upon request 


Online Coaching includes the same session content and is accessible online via the Zoom platform 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Registered Drama Therapist
  • Relationship Coach Certification
  • Mental Health Counseling

Lindsey has over almost 10 years as a drama therapist, relationship coach, expressive arts therapist, and clinical mental health counselor.

She has applied the arts mental health as a way of helping individuals gain new insights and perspectives with her clients and patients. She is recognized for developing programs for adolescents and young adults in both community mental health and with adults in community psychiatry as well as in the hospital setting.

Lindsey has experience practicing expressive therapies and mental health counseling, primarily in community-based mental health facilities as well as residential treatment with a variety of clinical populations (adolescents, foster care youth, young adults in training, and adults).

She is founder of Create Your Shift developed within a community mental health setting for youth and young adults and The Resilient Creator Coaching program designed for artists/creatives of all backgrounds, spiritual seekers, and creative entrepreneurs who appreciate both spirituality, art, and healing/alternative wellness approaches. 

Fee description

Fees: from $55 USD to $396 USD

30-minute session: $55 USD

45-minute session: $75 USD
6 session package: $296 USDPayment plan available.You save $60 if paid in full.
8 session package: $396 USDPayment plan available.Best value!

You save $138 if paid in full.


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