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Lion Galban

Rio Linda, California, United States

Lion Galban is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach & International Facilitator.

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About me

Lion Galban is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach & International Facilitator. For over 22 years, Lion has worked to move thousands from self-conscious suffering to self-aware confidence in their authentic expression of self. He shares his wisdom in the areas of authenticity, embodiment, sexuality, emotional intelligence and mental mastery with men & women around the world through global workshops, retreats, webinars, and private coaching sessions. Lion gives people the skills they need to express themselves authentically and emotionally in every moment of their lives, without creating trauma, drama, and separation in their relationships. 

Having worked as an embodiment coach, master therapist, and group facilitator, Lion’s private clients seek out his renowned ability to create a shift in the mind’s default cycle of limiting beliefs and instead tune in to the body’s intuition - the innate intelligence that draws each of us towards our greatest creative expression. Through expert guidance, Lion imparts his clients with the skills to understand their direction & know whether or not they are living in their ego, disconnected from their truth, or if they're experiencing an embodied and intuitive knowing of what they should and shouldn't be doing in their life. Lion’s own life serves as proof of the boundless love, freedom, and pure creative expression that his clients can expect to unlock through his one on one mentorship programs.

LION: "I have learned beyond my limitations & have manifested dreams into reality, have attracted endless friends & beautiful lovers from around the world, have become a global citizen, mentor & advisor to many, have manifested effortless financial abundance, have unlocked passion, purpose & meaning in my existence, have unleashed a fearless expression of truth. I overflow with love & gratitude and share it with all beings that I resonate with."

LION: “I am a master of creating love at first sight & immediate depth in connection to the level of the soul. If you want to experience instantaneous meetings of the heart, total openness, passionate energy, & longevity learn from my triumphs & mistakes. Know what works & what doesn’t."

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel..... fast track your empowerment process through 3 easy to follow steps; 

1st by feeling the desire within you for change,

2nd by gathering expert knowledge from me, 

& 3rd by putting it into real tangible action.


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  • Couples and one to one online Coaching

  • Interactive webinars

  • Self-paced Online Courses

  • Embodiment, trauma release and therapy sessions

  • Events - Weekly conscious connection workshops that use dance as a medium to explore boundaries, embodiment, empowerment and intimacy.

  • Retreats - Immersive group experiences, meticulously designed to awaken our full potential in a to a safe & supportive setting.


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Short courses or group coaching

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Ongoing training

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Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $780 USD

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