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Coach Lori Roberts
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Lori Roberts

Certified Law of Attraction Coach 
Tampa, Florida, United States

Journey with me in discovering your greatest potential & fulfilling your life purpose!

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About me

I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach certified by Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I have a burning passion for spiritual development and self growth and I absolutely love helping other people deliberately create a life they truly love and fulfill their soul purpose by teaching them tools to working with Universal Laws to manifest joy, success, abundance in all areas of their lives. Journey with me in discovering your greatest potential, fulfilling your life purpose, and learning how to work with the Laws of the Universe to your advantage! You are an infinite being with unlimited potential to be, do, and have anything you want. Would you like help to figure out a road map with actionable steps to get you from where you are now to living a life you truly love? In our work together we will: * Get clarity on what you truly want in your life * Create a vision for your dream life * Identify specific action steps to move you forward * Uncover limiting beliefs and clear emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals * Apply Law of Attraction processes and tools to raise your vibration and become magnetic to your every desire Choose the package that works best for you OR Sign up for a free strategy session so we can get started right away! I look forward to connecting with you, supporting you, co-creating with you, and holding the vision of you living your dream life!

Coaching with me

Some of the results I help my clients achieve:

* Get clear on what you really want in life and design a "blueprint" to getting it

* Learn how to utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires

* Learn how to apply skills, tools, and processes to raise your vibration to a super high level & magnetize yourself to receive

* Identify & transform limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are holding you back

* Achieve more joy and more excitement about your life

* Learn how to attract more money

* Live a more abundant life

* Attract the perfect soulmate/partner or improve your current relationship

* Create your dream job and live life on your terms

* Learn how to get through difficult situations and/or handle everyday situations in the best way possible so they work out better for you

* Connect to your Higher Self and strengthen your relationship with God/Goddess/Source/All-that-is

* Enhance your intuition and learn to trust it

* Become a deliberate creator of your life

* Find your passion and live life with purpose

* Be who you came here to be.
I am an "in-the-moment" type of coach who hones in on what's most important for you right now. I like to support, educate, guide, challenge, and create actionable steps that lead to real results. I hold the space for you to be where you are and keep the vision of where you are going.


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Private 1:1 phone coaching sessions


With the online coaching option you get access to a full online coaching client portal where you can schedule your appointments, set goals and action steps for yourself, monitor your progress, and record your Take-aways from our sessions together. Additionally, you will get personalized journal prompts from me based on the session (if preferred), feedback and motivation in between sessions through your client portal, & exclusive freebies!!  

Short courses or group coaching

Self Study eCourse and Group Coaching coming soon! Stay tuned!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.S. in Psychology with Minor in Sociology
  • M.A. in Mental Health Counseling
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Light Body - Orin & Da Ben
  • How to Rock It As An Empath #RockinEmpath
  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy
I have experience working with a broad range of diverse clients from Developmental Disabilities rehabilitation, Mental Health Counseling, to Law of Attraction Life Coaching. I am a spiritual and self development junkie and knowledge seeker who is constantly learning and growing so that I can not only improve myself but enhance the lives of my clients. I have a burning passion for living life with purpose and have searched the depths of my heart, mind, and soul for my purpose and place in this world. I believe I have found that purpose in life coaching and would like to share my knowledge, skills, and abilities with the world so that they too can create a life they love, enjoy all the abundance that is available to all of us, and be who they came here to be.

*Disclaimer: While it is true that I am Licensed as a Professional Counselor, our coaching together WILL NOT be centered around psychotherapy, giving advice, or working through serious mental health issues and problems. Should you need to work on specific mental health issues outside of the scope of life coaching, I can provide referrals to appropriate counselors/therapists to help you work on those issues.

Fee description

Fees: from $122 USD to $1122 USD

(1) 60 minute Consultation - Free (1) Single 60 Minute Session - $122 6-week Jumpstart Program - $622 12-week Program -$1122 


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Coaching with Lori Roberts
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Lori Roberts Jairbshort | January 09, 2018
    5 Star
    My Life-Changing Investment

    Since I began coaching with Lori, I've started businesses, I've seen my income grow, I've established a better connection with myself, what really matters to me, and purposely distanced myself, without regret, from what does not matter to me. I have finally taken an interest in the way my mind works and how I can benefit from exercising it positively. All these elements and more have left me more turned on to living life than ever before, tapped into infinite potential, and tuned in to what I am, can be, and want my life to be. I highly recommend Lori, my friend, and coach, for a transformative process to a brighter, much more fulfilling life with you at the wheel. Thanks, Lori! Forever Grateful, Jair


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