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Louise Edu

Transformational Life Coach 
San Diego, California, United States
Helping mothers be the best versions of themselves, so they can be the best for their familes.

About me

A few tidbits about me:
- Mother to 2 darling girls (8 + 6 years old as of 2015)
- I'm what I like to call, a Transformational Shine Coach…. for Mothers like yourself (here to help you find your SPARK in life and business)
- From Sunny San Diego, CA…but I love love LOVE rainy days, coffee and CHOCOLATE!
- Realized I wanted to help fellow moms when I discovered my own self empowerment and saw how much my family benefited from it.

I want to EMPOWER you. I want you to feel LOVED…feel UNDERSTOOD…feel so very IMPORTANT! I want to help you SHINE, so that the other people around you (your children, your family, your community) can SHINE with you. Motherhood is a very sacred and special gift, and we all too often, forget how special it is, or how special we mothers are, because we get too wrapped up in the day to day.

Coaching with me

I want my clients to feel empowered and awaken a self love for themselves. I want them to feel like they have an identity outside their roles as mothers, and that it's okay! I want my clients to feel supported when they are misunderstood by their spouses or their children or when they are underappreciated. I want my clients to walk away being the best version of a a a that they can be the BEST for their families.
I like to incorporate meditation and breathing exercises in my coaching sessions. And I work with my clients so that we can come up with solutions and goals together. I don't ever impose my beliefs or advice. I let my clients do the talking and I walk with them and not ahead of them. A coaching package with me is like a massage for your heart.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I offer one month and 3 month private coaching packages. Each package includes a discovery session, goal setting, worksheets, hour long coaching sessions, and accountability. If you'd like more detailed info on my coaching packages please email me, I'd love to answer any questions or concerns.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • University of Wellness Coaching Certificate
  • University of Wellness
  • Hello Fearless - Boss School

Fee description

Fees: from $895 USD to $2595 USD

My fees are based on duration of coaching package. If you have any questions of inquiries, please feel free to email me!


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