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Louise Wilson

Chester, England, United Kingdom
A passion for transforming dream lives into reality
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $40 USD to $45 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I'm an ambitious woman in my 20s and my highest values are: personal growth, mastery and self-love. Having spent years working on these 3 areas of my own life, I made many mistakes and learnt many lessons which I now want to use to help others.

I can help you understand what success means to you and support you along the way, fast-tracking your journey to a successful life. I can help you understand your top values so that you can stop setting goals in unimportant areas of your life and start achieving goals in the most meaningful areas to you. 

Are you ready to transform your dream life into a reality?

Coaching with me


Gain clarity on what success looks like to you, understanding your most valued areas in life. Stop setting a high quantity of goals that you're failing to achieve and start setting few high quality goals, and actually achieving these. Understand why you want to achieve what you set out to, and what it will actually mean to you and your life. Visualise your dream life and set key action steps to transforming this from a dream into a reality. 


I am passionate about helping my clients to realise and reach their full potential. I have a winning, growth mindset that allows me to belive nothing is impossible and I will help you adopt a similar mindset, which will be key to achieving your desired outcomes.



I offer 1:1 coaching via online video chat or telephone call and the sessions are 60 minutes long. We will look at where you are currenlty, where you want to be and then we'll create a personalised roadmap to outline the key action steps on this journey. As well as actinging as an accountability partner, I will advise actionable steps for you to take, making it possible to achieve your desired goals.

Experience, Certifications and Training


I have spent years in the personal development, mastery and self-love space. I have made the mistake of trying to improve every area of my life and setting 10+ goals per month, only to come up short in majority of them. But from these mistakes, I've learnt the right way of understanding values, setting high quality goals and actually achieving them. Now my passion has shifted to helping other people take their life to the next level.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $45 USD

£40 for 60 minute 1:1 coaching session.


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