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LuAnn Horstman

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Compassionate and creative coach with a heart for women dealing with empty nest stage.

Transition coach "Empty Nest" coach

FEES from $50 USD to $1200 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, I am LuAnn Horstman, RN and I have a heart for women who are dealing with the empty nest stage of life. I can empathize with the feelings of loss, emptiness, anxiety, and grief because I experienced the same feelings when I went through the empty nest stage myself about a decade ago.

I wish I had had a guide while I went through this stage. A woman who listened to me and heard my pain and struggle. A woman who could help me realize the ambivalent and fluctuating feelings I had were normal. That with time the feelings would change to acceptance of this new stage of life. That I would reconnect with my husband, develop a wonderful new relationship with my adult children, and start my own business.

I help a woman at or near the "empty nest" stage of life go from wondering 'who is this stranger I am living with", questioning her purpose, and feeling lost and sad to a woman who is reacquainted with and even has rekindled the romance with her husband, knows her true worth, and is empowered to move on to a full, powerfully beautiful life



Coaching takes place either on zoom or video conferencing software or on a phone call. We will start with an initial 15-minute "get to know" each other call. If you choose to, we can then schedule an initial 30-minute problem-solving call in a "sales-free" space. At the end of the call, I will give you a recommendation for your time.


Short courses or group coaching

Online Courses:

!) A Journal of Truth: Incorporating an attitude of gratitude in everyday life through daily journaling. Learn about the benefits of gratitude and of journaling. Put them together and you can change your life


2) Rejuvenate, Restore and Re-evaluate Relationships near the time or after children leave the nest. Look at your relationships with your husband, family, friends, and your adult children with a different perspective. Strategies for building close ties and strong support.


3) What is your "super sauce'-your unique superpower that differentiates you from the rest? How could you use this talent to change your outlook and serve others by volunteering, in a new career or even a new home business


Ongoing training

From Empty Nest to Entrepreneur? Which Path to Take? What does it take to develop and implement a business plan that uses your special sauce or superpower?

This is an annual program that opens up to new members for a limited time once a year. The application is available on request. The final date to apply is June 30th. A new class will start on August.24, 2020.


Mindset Retreat

An exclusive 3-day Mindset Retreat at my family cottage in northern Michigan.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $1200 USD

See individual prices on described programs and courses.


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