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Lucas Luna

Breakthrough and Profit Strategist 

I help people escape the daily grind and profit from their passions whilst making an impact


FEES from $2800 USD to $4800 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I'm a Profit Strategist and Breakthrough Coach
â–¶ I help ambitious people who want to escape the daily grind unleash their true potential and purpose to profit from their passion and make an impact by being self-employed...

EVEN IF they don't know exactly how to get started, what impact they want to make or what kind of business they want to run!

So I give them THE BEST WAY available (that I know of after working with this for a year) to leave a legacy with a clear vision.

Would you like to confidently:

🔹Be financially free and profit from your passions?

🔹Know exactly how YOU can make an impact and leave a legacy?

🔹Have a clear VISION & the exact plan that will take you to your fulfilment and success?

🔹Unleash your purpose and use it to make your business thrive?

🔹Build a reliable, and POWERFUL business plan and action route that can take you from being stuck to thriving?

🔹Be your own boss and have a business that is aligned to what you really want and to YOUR fulfilment?

Answer YES to any of these?

Then I'd love to help you

Coaching with me


My coaching approach is what we would call a Hybrid approach, meaning that part of it will be online, the other part will be having 1 on 1 zoom meetings (or phone calls). So I’ll be sending you content videos and worksheets every week, which are going to be valuable enough on their own but we’ll still be having weekly breakthrough and clarity calls to make sure you’re constantly progressing and having the best of the process.



Weekly Zoom Meetings


Weekly Worksheets +Content Videos 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Purpose Coach Certification
  • Advanced Coach Certification
  • Professional Coach Certification


1️⃣ Larissa Rodrigues, an architect who was facing many personal and financial struggles, now she runs her own business and is empowered, driven and successful.

2️⃣ Piero Bulgarini, previously on an unfulfilling path, but with my help, uncovered meaning, created a vision and started his own business before turning 21. Now he is more than just financially happy!

3️⃣ And I can't leave myself out, I've used this system to start my own international business at the age of 19!

4️⃣️ Taking people from ''I'm stuck'' to ''I'm my own boss'' for the past year!

Fee description

Fees: from $2800 USD to $4800 USD

I always try to do my best to help people with financial challenges as I focus on working with people who are probably not making or saving that much money...and I also tend to price my offer based on the client's commitment. The more committed you are, the cheaper it will be for you.


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